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3 Sep 2014

FarmVille Back to School With Hiro Feature

Win some cool rewards in FarmVille Back to School with Hiro feature. It is a new feature where it may remind you of the previous one like the Eagle Sam or Hungry Santa. But the Back to
17 Apr 2014

Domestic vs Wild Animals in FarmVille Personality

FarmVille will have a new version of Personality Feature which will be the Domestic Vs Wild Animals. It will asked 12 question and we will be asking our friends to vote on which answer best fits our

7 Nov 2013

Country Mouse & City Mouse in FarmVille Personality Feature

Get ready for a new edition of FarmVille Personality feature where players can win exclusive prizes just by asking their friends to vote. The latest edition will feature The Country Mouse & City Mouse. There are a
8 Apr 2013

April Shower Escapade in FarmVille Feature

Collect the items or invite enough friends to visit the April Showers Adventure with you and receive a great prize! It’s a brand new Escapade feature for the month of April. Players can win up to 12
4 Apr 2013

FarmVille Horse Hall Coming Soon!

Soon to arrive a new FarmVille Horse Hall. It’s a new breeding building just like the previous releases the Unicorn Island, Dino Lab, Bonsai Garden etc. but this time it will create new horse. At first players
26 Mar 2013

Baby Animal Day Gift Special in FarmVille Countdown

A new countdown feature is about to unleashed soon in FarmVille! The Baby Animal Day Countdown feature will giveaway 16 items for 16 days. And each day it will be different from the previous ones. To win,
22 Mar 2013

County Fair 2 Coming Soon in FarmVille

County Fair 2 is coming in FarmVille soon! You might remember this feature from last years County Fair where it featured raising prized animals. By collecting different colors of mulches you can raise the animals and enter