Regular Quests Archive

12 Dec 2018

FarmVille Bucket List 2018 Quests

Our friend has just made her bucket list for 2019 and she wants us to check it out in FarmVille Bucket List 2018 Quests. Let’s see what are the exciting things she put on her list and see if
11 Dec 2018

FarmVille A Very Merry Christmas 2018 Quests

Celebrate this upcoming holiday seasons with Santa in FarmVille A Very Merry Christmas 2018 Quests. He has lined up some special events to celebrate this holiday season and we will help him prepare for it specially the gifts.

5 Dec 2018

FarmVille Snow Fight Quests

It’s that time of the year once again for the annual game that we play in FarmVille Snow Fight Quests. We will help our friend Sasha in organizing this event as we compete with other participants. Sasha is
28 Nov 2018

FarmVille Say It With a Letter 2018 Quests

Our friend Barbara is visiting us this week in FarmVille Say It With a Letter 2018 Quests. She has a good idea on how to celebrate this event but she needs our help in planning this event. We 
17 Nov 2018

FarmVille Loi Krathong 2018 Quests

Paul and Linda is visiting us once again to enjoy a fun filled day in FarmVille Loi Krathong 2018 Quests. The couple ask us if we could help them plan the best way to spend a fun
15 Nov 2018

FarmVille Giving Thanks Quests 2018

Our friend Sasha is visiting us this week in FarmVille Giving Thanks Quests. She is planning a big celebration to give thanks to the people who helped her. She is asking us if we could help her
7 Nov 2018

FarmVille Rock Da Party Quests

Our friend Rispoli is back and he is rockin’ in FarmVille Rock Da Party Quests. He is excited with the up coming dance party concert that is happening this week. He would like practice his cools steps with