Regular Quests Archive

22 May 2019

FarmVille Spanish Horse Fair 2019 Quests

Help Elizabeth celebrate the Feria del Caballo in FarmVille Spanish Horse Fair 2019 Quests. She has just plan the best way to celebrate the festivities and we are going to help her organize it. We need also
16 May 2019

FarmVille International Family Day Quest

Join our friend Sasha in another exciting event in FarmVille International Family Day Quest. She is excited with the upcoming International Family Day which she has been planning for quite sometimes now. Let’s help her in organizing

5 May 2019

FarmVille Who Stole The Cookie? 2019 Quests

Our friend need our help in finding out the mystery of the missing cookie in FarmVille Who Stole The Cookie? 2019. We will find out who is the mysterious person behind the missing cookies. Let’s find out
21 Apr 2019

FarmVille World Laughter Day 2019 Quest

Celebrate a special day of laughter in FarmVille World Laughter Day 2019 Quest. Our friend is planning the best party to host in this special day. He device some cute pranks for his friends and guests. We
19 Apr 2019

FarmVille International Worker’s Day 2019 Quests

Help our friend organize a party for the FarmVille International Worker’s Day 2019. We will help her plan the best possible party in celebrating this annual event. Find some of the coolest shop to buy the things
16 Apr 2019

FarmVille World Heritage Day 2019 Quests

Our friend is planning a party to celebrate the FarmVille World Heritage Day 2019 Quests. Let’s help her prepare and plan the best party by shopping the materials we will need for this event. Let’s source out
11 Apr 2019

FarmVille Sand Fest! 2019 Quest

Our friend is inviting us to come along in a very exciting event the FarmVille Sand Fest! 2019. She promises us that this years version will more exciting than the previous one. Let’s help her plan and