September 2017 Quests Archive

27 Sep 2017

FarmVille Traveller’s Festival Quests

Let’s join our friend Elizabeth as we celebrate FarmVille Traveller’s Festival. There’s some exciting activites lined up for the festival and we are going to help Elizabeth prepare for it. We will do some shopping like new
23 Sep 2017

FarmVille Resistance and Acceptance (Samba in Rio CH 5)

There’s an advance technique on how to farm in FarmVille Resistance and Acceptance, a Samba in Rio Chapter 5 Quests. There’s a new seed, new way to irrigate and more but the Mayor has just instructed us

18 Sep 2017

FarmVille Advanced Farming (Samba in Rio CH 4)

Our friend is excited in showcasing her farming skills in FarmVille Advanced Farming, a Samba in Rio Chapter 4 Quests. Modern irrigation and other farming techniques will be introduce to help the people. These style of farming
15 Sep 2017

FarmVille Street Food Festival Quests

Let’s help Sasha in putting up a stall in FarmVille Street Food Festival Quests. She is excited to tell us that she is planning to join this years edition of the Street Food Festival. She has this
13 Sep 2017

FarmVille A Day For Pets Quests

We are going to spend a fun filled day with our pets in FarmVille A Day For Pets Quests. Our friend Sasha is lining up a list of activities that we are going to do during this
10 Sep 2017

FarmVille Homecoming (Samba in Rio CH 3)

We are going to have fun with our friend as we are are going to Carnival in FarmVille Homecoming, a Samba in Rio Chapter 3 Quests. Our friends brother Santiago is scheduled to perform on this year’s
9 Sep 2017

FarmVille ABC of Heroism (Straits of Ardour CH 9)

We are going to learn more about  irrigation in FarmVille ABC of Heroism, a Straits of Ardour Chapter 9 Quests. This will be a special 30 day mission which involves 12 stages of challenge. You also have