Wild West Ranch Guide Archive

2 Jun 2015

Wild West Chapter 8: FarmVille The Last Laugh

Sneaky Sloane is causing trouble at the Saloon in FarmVille The Last Laugh, a Wild West Ranch Chapter 8 Quests. This will be our first challenge since become the town sheriff. Betty requested us if we could stop the
29 May 2015

Farmville Trial by Fire Quests (Wild West Chapter 9)

Help the Wild West Ranch one more time as we return for Farmville Trial by Fire Quests, a Wild West Ranch special 30 day quest. Betty requested our help because since we’ve been gone, trouble spawn left

29 May 2015

Wild West Chapter 7: FarmVille Justice! It is Just is a Must

A new judge has just rode in to town to swear in a new sheriff in FarmVille Justice! It is Just is a Must, a Wild West Chapter 7 Quests. Betty is excited in this weeks mission as
21 May 2015

Wild West Chapter 6: FarmVille Lock, Stock and 2 Smokin Saddles

The story continues in Wild West Ranch farm this week with FarmVille Lock, Stock and 2 Smokin Saddles, a Wild West Ranch Chapter 6 Quests. There is someone declaring that the town is not big enough for you and
12 May 2015

Wild West Chapter 5: FarmVille All That Glitters

Betty has just struck gold in FarmVille All That Glitters, a Wild West Ranch Chapter 5 Quests. She is excited because this may become a reason for people to come back to Wild West Ranch. She reminisced that
7 May 2015

Wild West Ranch 4: FarmVille On The Right Track

The town is booming as more business is coming to the town in FarmVille On the Right Track, a Wild West Ranch Chapter 4 Quests. With the railroad is finally being built into the town and the
5 May 2015

FarmVille Beat Wild West Ranch Quests

FarmVille has just activated the Wild West Ranch farm’s Beat the Expansion Quests. You can now complete and finish this challenge and win an exclusive Wild West Ranch Shipping License for free plus a Beat Wild West