Leaderboards Details for Oct 29 to Nov 5, 2014

Here are the details for the FarmVille Leaderboard feature that will run next week from October 29 to November 5, 2014. This may serve as your guide if you are planning to participate. This feature usually gives farm support items and the tasks is not that difficult.

We will use the following:

  • Barn Fruit
  • Cup Seeds
  • Seed Capsule
  • Orange Hymella Bushel
  • Green Camellia Bushel
  • Purple Geniola Bushel

Farmville Leaderboards

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FarmVille Horseman’s Hollow 7: Stalemate

Katrina has just arrive in time to check her father and Ichabod if they’re both going along well in FarmVille Stalemate, a Horseman’s Hollow Chapter 7 Quests. From what it looks the two are getting along just fine and no one has been more happy than Katrina. She is also happy that Brom’s rule will finally come to an end.

On this chapter of Horseman’s Hollow Quests, we will be mastering the Leaf Mask Wolf to 1 star. Don’t forget to place it immediately in a Wildlife Pen so it can be harvested for a shorter time. There will also 5 recipes that will be crafted at the Witcher Hut. The highest recipe level will be at level 2. Note: Expected to be released this Monday, Oct 27.

 Horseman's Hollow Chapter 7 Quests


Horseman’s Hollow Chapter 7 Quest 1: FarmVille Stalemate: Part 1


Ask friends for 7 Spooky Lantern (request for  Spooky Lantern)

Harvest 80 Falling Cowpea (skip 10)
Info: 12 min to grow and harvest.
Info: 67/80 = 13 amount to harvest.

Craft 2 Red Jack-O-Lantern (skip 15)
Info: Crafted at the Witcher Hut and it will need Pumpkin Orange Bushel x3, Ghost Cream Bushel x3 and Falling Cowpea Bushel x3.

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FarmVille Ghosts vs Banshee 2014

FarmVille has a new Personality feature for us this October and this time it will be about “Ghosts vs Banshee”. Just like the previous version of this feature, we will going to ask our friends for their opinion on what they believe fits out personality. There will be a total of 24 possible rewards to win.

 Ghosts VS Banshee

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FarmVille Day of the Dead Quests

Rose is organizing a party in FarmVille Day of the Dead Quests and she is wondering if we could help her in organizing it. We will help gather the materials and she’ll take care of the rest. It will be another exciting Day of the Dead festival.

In this FarmVille Quests, we will be crafting 4 times at the Bakery, plus 3 more recipe at the Winery and one at the Spa. We will need atleast a level 4 star Bakery and a 3 star Winery for this quests. Don’t forget to place the Tattooed Sphynx in a Pet Run after receiving it in part 4. Note: Expected to be released this Thursday, October 23.


Day of the Dead Quests


Day of the Dead Part 1:


Ask friends for 7 Mysterious Mask (request for Mysterious Mask)

Harvest 60 Cranberry (skip 10)
Info: 10 hours to grow and harvest.
Quest Handicap: 50/60 = 10 amount to harvest.

Craft 3 Black Licorice (skip 15)
Info: Crafted at the Bakery and it will need Licorice Plant Bushel x3, Rye Bushel x3 and Sugar Cane Bushel x3.

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FarmVille Limited Edition Items Release for October 19, 2014

FarmVille has just recently released a new set of limited edition items for this week. It will be under the theme Trick or Treats and it can now be bought from the Market for a short period of time. If you are a collector of items that are related to Halloween or Scary theme then this set will be a cool addition to your collection.

 Trick or Treat

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FarmVille Punk Countdown 2014

A new countdown feature is already lined up and will be following next in FarmVille. The theme this time will be about “Punk” and there will be a total of 17 items that are designed within this theme. Everyday you will be collecting items in order to exchange for it. Once you collected enough items a redeem button will appear below the items.

 Punk Countdown 2014

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FarmVille Spooky Mansion

A new seed producing building may soon be released FarmVille in line with the Halloween theme. The new building will be called the Spooky Mansion and it will be upgradable up to several stages. Once completed even on stage 1 it can be harvested for Poison Apple seed packets. To have more chances of getting Poison Apple seed packets, you must upgrade the Spooky Mansion. The upgrades it will have the more seed packets it may give.

 Spooky Mansion

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