28 Jun 2016

FarmVille Cave Art Studio (Caveman Club CH 3)

Our friend Tina is joining us for this weeks FarmVille Cave Art Studio, a Caveman Club Chapter 3 Quests. Tina loves art so much that she is planning to setup her very own studio. She is asking if we
27 Jun 2016

FarmVille Leaderboards June 29 to July 6, 2016

Here are the details for the next #FarmVille #Leaderboards Challenge that will run from June 29 to July 6, 2016. To participate, simply do the following tasks. There are 3 tasks that you can choose from or you

26 Jun 2016

FarmVille Independence Day Quests

Let’s celebrate Independence Day with our friend Sasha in FarmVille Independence Day Quests. This is one of her favorite event and she has some exciting plans in celebrating it. Sasha is inviting us to come along help her
22 Jun 2016

FarmVille Caveman Club Rockmore Rotunda

FarmVille Rockmore Rotunda is one of the major buildable building that you have in FarmVille Caveman Club farm. It will be upgradable up to several stages. Each stage upgrade that you successfully make will earn you an exclusive
22 Jun 2016

FarmVille Camping Out (Caveman Club CH 2)

We are going to camping in FarmVille Camping Out, a Caveman Club Chapter 2 Quests. This will be the initial quests for the free access stage of this new farm. We are going to meet new characters and
21 Jun 2016

FarmVille Sunglasses Day Quests

Sharonda is visiting our farm this week for the FarmVille Sunglasses Day Quests. She is planning a whole day of fun filled activities and she is inviting us to come help her. She needs some extra help in doing
18 Jun 2016

FarmVille Caveman Club Crops Guide

Get to know here the different kind of crops that you can plant in FarmVille Caveman Club farm. Beside the land type crop, there’s also water type crop that you can plant in the water. Harvest time