6 Oct 2015

Phantom Valley 4: FarmVille Darkness Has Fallen

Uh oh, Vanderpool is up to something in FarmVille Darkness Has Fallen, a Phantom Valley Chapter 4 Quests. He has this experiment where he will press a button to make us transported out of Limbo. That’s right, he has
6 Oct 2015

FarmVille Beat Phantom Valley Quests

Complete these tasks in FarmVille Beat Phantom Valley for special rewards and a grand prize of and exclusive Phantom Valley Shipping License plus a Beat Phantom Valley Trophy! Plan ahead my seeing which crop to master first.
2 Oct 2015

FarmVille Spook Party Quests

Hallie the Halloween Fairy is visiting us once again for the FarmVille Spook Party Quests. She is planning this big event where she is hosting a spooky party. But she will need our help in order to pull
1 Oct 2015

Creatures of The Night in FarmVille Farmstand

FarmVille is releasing a new version of the Farm Stand featuring the Creatures of the Night theme. There will be new items to be given as a reward which is designed specially for this event. The objective
29 Sep 2015

FarmVille Leaderboards October 7 to 14, 2015

Here are the details for the next #FarmVille #Leaderboards Challenge that will run from October 7 to October 14, 2015. To participate, simply do the following tasks. There are 3 tasks that you can choose from or you
28 Sep 2015

FarmVille Bake a Cake Day Quest

Join Chef Roland in another exciting cook off challenge in FarmVille Bake a Cake Day Quest. And for this event, we will be baking cakes. Chef Roland got his hands full after the Cook Off Day so he
27 Sep 2015

Phantom Valley 2: FarmVille Count Your Days

We are going officially to our new farm expansion in FarmVille Count Your Days, a Phantom Valley Chapter 2 Quests. FarmVille will open the gate to Phantom Valley as players can now travel to this farm and access