25 Apr 2017

FarmVille Leaderboards April 26, 2017 to May 3, 2017

Here are the details for the next #FarmVille Leaderboards Challenge that will run from April 26 to May 3, 2017. To participate, simply do the following tasks. There are 3 tasks that you can choose from or
25 Apr 2017

FarmVille International Worker’s Day Quests

Let’s help Hallie celebrate the contribution of the employees in FarmVille International Worker’s Day Quests. This event pays tribute to the employees around the world and give thanks to their contribution in our society. We are going

24 Apr 2017

FarmVille Temperamental Taeng (Legendary Tengguan CH 2)

Oh boy, we have to watch out for Taeng in FarmVille Temperamental Taeng, a Legendary Tengguan Chapter 2 Quests. We are worried might trigger Taeng’s temper if he interrupts his works. This will be the official opening
19 Apr 2017

FarmVille World Heritage Day Quests

We are going to celebrate Sharonda’s favorite event in FarmVille World Heritage Day Quests. We are going to explore historical places and learn their history. We will also learn the history of their famous building and find
15 Apr 2017

FarmVille Legend of Tengguan’s Shrine of Tengguan

FarmVille Shrine of Tengguan is one of the main building located at the Legend of Tengguan farm. It is a buildable building where you can upgrade it up to stage 10. To upgrade, you will need to
15 Apr 2017

FarmVille The Ritual (Legendary Tengguan CH 1)

Travel to a new land and face a new challenge in FarmVille The Ritual, a Legendary Tengguan Chapter 1 Quests. This mission will be exclusively available to players who will buy the early access pass for the
15 Apr 2017

FarmVille Taeng’s Atelier Recipe Guide

FarmVille Taeng’s Atelier is one of the main crafting building that is located at Legend of Tengguan farm. This is where most of the crafting tasks will be done once you have arrived and farm in Legend