FarmVille Jungle Hideaway Recipe List and Guide


FarmVille Jungle Hideaway of the new farm Fields of El Dorado will one of the crafting building where players will craft materials and ingredients to fulfill orders in order to unlock new animals. This will be similar with the Elite Horse. There will be 15 exotic animals to unlock. Players are reporting that the bushels can now be exchange from the bushel swap. Try collecting the bushels that will be need to craft parts for the Terrace upgrade so that you can hold more goods.


Jungle Hideaway



  • I – The Storage
  • II – The Station (for ingredients)
  • III – The Station (for crafting)
  • IV – Recipe List for Animals that can be Crafted

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I. The Storage


The Terrace and Den will hold the materials for Jungle Hideaway. It is advised to upgrade them whenever possible so that it can hold more materials.


Terrace (will hold crafted goods)

Will need 8 of each to upgrade (increases the capacity of the items it can hold)

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[tab title=”Vine Rope“]

Vine Rope = Jungle Puffs Bushel x3, Avocado Squash Bushel x4 and Jicama Bushel x3

Vine Rope


[tab title=”Torch“]

Torch = Maize Bushel x3, Golden Emeralds Bushel x4 and Beryl Rain Flower Bushel x3



[tab title=”Carved Gold“]

Carved Gold = Pointed Pinks Bushel x4, Blue Paradise Bushel x4 and Emerald Pineapple Bushel x4

Carved Gold





Den (will hold ingredients)

Will need 8 of each to upgrade (increases the capacity of the items it can hold)

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[tab title=”Net Hammock“]

Net Hammock = Beryl Rain Flower Bushel x3, Blue Paradise Bushel x4 and Cocoa Coffee Bushel x3

Net Hammock


[tab title=”Leaf Awning“]

Leaf Awning = Cassava Bushel x3, Jungle Puffs Bushel x4 and Heliconia Bushel x3

Leaf Awning


[tab title=”Glass Bed“]

Glass Bed = Butterfly Orchid Bushel x4, Chayote Bushel x4 and Blue Paradise Bushel x4

Glass Bed





II. THE STATIONS (harvestable for primary ingredients)


Watering Hole = Water Leaf
 Watering Hole Water Leaf 2 mins
Wild Fruit Tree  = Wild Fruit
Wild Fruit Tree Wild Fruit 2 mins
Feather Nest = Exotic Feather
Feather Nest Exotic Feather 3 mins
Pestle and Mortar = Paint Bowl
Pestle and Mortar Paint Bowl 3 mins
Fabric Weaver = Traditional Cloth
Fabric Weaver Traditional Cloth 4 mins
Gold Mine = Gold Dust
Gold Mine Gold Dust 5 mins
Buried Treasure = Hidden Jewels
Buried Treasure Hidden Jewels 5 mins



III. THE CRAFTING STATIONS (for crafting materials and ingredients)


[tabs collapsible=true selected=’0′ event=’click’ position=’top’]

[tab title=”1 Waterfall Oasis“]

Waterfall OasisWaterfall Oasis


Water Bowl = Water Leaf x2


Dwelling Water Tub = Water Tub x2, Water Leaf x1

Dwelling Water Tub


Oasis Water Trough = Water Leaf x2, Paint Bowl x1

Oasis Water Trough


[tab title=”2 Tree Grove Oasis“]

Tree Grove OasisTree Grove Oasis


Dwelling Feed Crate = Wild Fruit x2

Dwelling Feed Crate


Mixed Berry Cup = Wild Fruit x2, Water Leaf x2

Mixed Berry Cup


Mystery Treat = Wild Fruit Dwelling x3, Dwelling Feed Crate x1

Mystery Treat


Wild Fruit Smoothie = Wild Fruit x1, Mixed Berry Cup x1, Mystery Treat x1

Wild Fruit Smoothie


[tab title=”3 Bird Roost Oasis“]

Bird Roost OasisBird Roost Oasis


Feather Charm = Exotic Feather x3

Feather Charm


Feather Earrings = Exotic Feather x2, Water Leaf x2

Feather Earrings


Exotic Waist Band = Exotic Feather x2, Feather Earrings x1 and Paint Bowl x1

Exotic Waist Band


Wild Feather Mask = Exotic Feather x2, Gold x1

Wild Feather Mask


Exotic Headdress= Exotic Feather x3, Oasis Water Trough x1

Exotic Headdress



[tab title=”4 Painting Ground Oasis“]

Painting Ground OasisPainting Ground Oasis


Painted Pebbles = Paint Bowl x3

Painted Pebbles


Paint Brush = Paint Bowl x2, Exotic Feather x1, Exotic Waist Band x1

Paint Brush


Body Paint = Paint Bowl x2,  Oasis Water Trough x1

Body Paint


Colorful Horn Hat = Paint Bowl x3, Paint Brush x1

Colorful Horn Hat


Ceramic Bowl = Paint Bowl x3, Body Paint x1, Traditional Cloth x1

Ceramic Bowl


Armband = Painted Pebbles x2, Exotic Headdress x1, Paint Brush x1




[tab title=”5 Weaving Post Oasis“]

Weaving Post OasisWeaving Post Oasis


Weaved Blanket = Traditional Cloth x2, Paint Bowl x1

Weaved Blanket


Decorative Rug = Traditional Cloth x2

Decorative Rug


Patterned Leg Wraps = Traditional Cloth x3, Gold Dust x1

Patterned Leg Wraps


Gilt Belt = Traditional Cloth x3, Paint Bowl x3

Gilt Belt


Elaborate Shawl = Traditional Cloth x3, Paint Pebbles x3

Elaborate Shawl


Shimmering Cuff = Traditional Cloth x3

Shimmering Cuff



[tab title=”6 Pillar of Gold Oasis“]

Pillar of Gold OasisPillar of Gold Oasis


Tall Vase = Gold Dust x2

Tall Vase


Detailed Stool = Gold Dust x2, Feather Charm x1

Detailed Stool


Gilded Drum = Gold Dust x2, Traditional Cloth x2

Gilded Drum


Ballgame Goal = Gold Dust x2, Traditional Cloth x1, Decorative Rug x1

Ballgame Goal 


Beaded Necklace = Gold Dust x2, Tall Vase x1

Beaded Necklace


Studded Gold Ring = Gold Dust x3, Body Paint x2, Detailed Stool x1

Studded Gold Ring



[tab title=”7 Wall Oasis“]

Wall OasisWall Oasis


Treasured Pendant = Hidden Jewels x3

Treasured Pendant


Embellished Necklace = Hidden Jewels x2, Water Bowl x1, Wild Fruit Smoothie x1

Embellished Necklace


Ancient Statue = Hidden Jewels x2 Treasured Pendant x1, Embellished Necklace x1

Ancient Statue


Crowning Headpiece = Hidden Jewels x5, Treasured Pendant x2, Armband x1

Crowning Headpiece






IV. Jungle Hideaway Animal Recipes:


Legendary Red Stlits

Legendary Red Stlits = Wild Fruit x2, Water Bowl x2, Mystery Treatx1



Clouded Gold Leopard

Clouded Gold Leopard = Water Leaf x1, Dwelling Water Tub x1, Mixed Berry Cup x1, Exotic Feather x1, Dwelling Feed Crate x2, Feather Charm x1



Golden-Headed Tamarin

Golden-Headed Tamarin = Paint Bowl x2, Wild Fruit Smoothie x1, Oasis Water Trough x1, Exotic Feather x1, Exotic Waist Band x1, Wild Feather Mask x1



Jade Stencil Stallion

Jade Stencil Stallion = Wild Fruit x1, Mystery Treat x1, Water Leaf x1, Dwelling Feed Crate x1, Feather Charm x1, Exotic Feather x1, Paint Bowl x1, Dwelling Water Tub x1, Paint Brush x1



Legendary Sweeping Colors

Legendary Sweeping Colors = Dwelling Feed Crate x1, Dwelling Water Tub x1, Wild Fruit Smoothie x1, Wild Fruit x1, Exotic Headdress x1, Exotic Waist Band x1, Feather Earrings x1, Wild Feather Mask x1, Colorful Horn Hat x1



Gilded Jaguar

Gilded Jaguar = Water Leaf x2, Ceramic Bowl x1, Mixed Berry Cup x1, Gilt Belt x1, Feather Earrings x2, Elaborate Shawl x1



Treasure Pack Llama

Treasure Pack Llama = Paint Bowl x1, Body Paint x1, Wild Fruit Smoothie x1, Gold Dust x1, Feather Earrings x1, Colorful Horn Hat x1, Water Bowl x1, Armband x1, Paint Brush x1



Legendary Gilt Bill

Legendary Gilt Bill = Wild Feather Mask X1, Studded Gold Ring X1, Mystery Treat X1, Paint Brush X1, Body Paint X1, Gilt Belt X1, Mixed Berry Cup X1, Feather Charm X1, Ceramic Bowl X1



White-Gold Margay

White-Gold Margay = Gold Dust x1, Dwelling Water Tub x1, Feather Charm x1, Traditional Cloth x1, Ceramic Bowl x1, Gilded Drum x1, Shimmering Cuff x1, Embellished Necklace x1, Detailed Stool x1



Feathered Saddle Horse

Feathered Saddle Horse = Paint Bowl x3, Wild Fruit Smoothie x1, Beaded Necklace x2, Exotic Waist Band x1, Armband x1, Embellished Necklace x1, Feather Earrings x1, Wild Feather Mask x1, Tall Vase x1



Gilded Stare Panther

Gilded Stare Panther = Water Leaf x3, Mystery Treat x3, Exotic Headdress x2, Wild Fruit x3, Oasis Water Trough x3, Paint Brush x1, Paint Bowl x1, Body Paint x1, Crowning Headpiece x1



Legendary Wild Feathers

Legendary Wild Feathers = Dwelling Water Tub x2, Weaved Blanket x2, Patterned Leg Wraps x1, Hidden Jewels x3, Painted Pebbles x2, Decorative Rug x1, Mixed Berry Cup x2, Shimmering Cuff x1, Ancient Statue x1



Golden Fur Coatimundi

Golden Fur Coatimundi = Feather Charm x6, Wild Feather Mask x6, Treasured Pendant x2, Armband x1, Elaborate Shawl x1, Body Paint x1, Detailed Stool x1, Gilt Belt x1, Ball Game Goal x1


Emerald Eye Crocodile

Emerald Eye Crocodile = Exotic Feather x6, Dwelling Water Tub x5, Patterned Leg Wraps x2, Wild Fruit Smoothie x2, Studded Gold Ring x1, Shimmering Cuff x3, Weaved Blanket x3, Gilded Drum x1, Ancient Statue x1


Pure Gold Pegacorn

Pure Gold Pegacorn = Mystery Treat x4, Exotic Headdress x4, Colorful Horn Hat x3, Armband x2, Paint Brush x3, Body Paint x3, Exotic Waist Band x3, Exotic Headdress x3, Crowning Headpiece x1


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