Bakery Recipe List in FarmVille


Here is an updated list of recipe (as of Feb 2013) for the FarmVille Bakery. As we know the Bakery is one of the early crafting building in FarmVille and it is one of the crafting building that has more number of recipe that players can craft. To craft just collect the necessary bushels that a recipe needs by either harvesting the crops that gives the particular bushels you need or shop at bushel market. Players can only buy 3 bushels from a neighbor per day.


Level 1 Recipe:

Pumpkin Bread = Pumpkin Bushel x4 and Wheat Bushel x4


Verdant Tart = Green Bean Bushel x4 and Brussel Sprout Bushel x4


Rascal Cookie = Okra Bushel x4 and Alfalfa Bushel x4

Chili Muffin = Kidney Bean Bushel x4 and Pepper Bushel x4

Strawberry Shortcake = Strawberry Bushel x4 and Wheat Bushel x4

Spicy Muffins = Carrot Bushel x3, Pepper Bushel x1 and Ghost Chili Bushel x3

Chardonnay Frosted Cake = Chardonnay Bushel x3, Sugar Cane Bushel x1 and Blackberry Bushel x3

Strawberry Licorice Cupcake = Licorice Bushel x2, Strawberries Bushel x4 and Rye Bushel x3

Black Licorice = Licorice Bushel x3, Rye Bushel x3 and Sugar Cane  Bushel

Cornbread = Butter & Sugar Corn Bushel x3, Wheat Bushel x3 and Ginger Bushel x2

Ice Cream Carrot Cake = Ice Carrots Bushel x3, Sugar Cane Bushel x2 and Coffee Bushel x2

Shrimp Toast = Shrimp Bushel x2, Rye  Bushel x2 and Onion Bushel x3



Level 2 Recipe:

Patty Pan Tarts = Pattypan Bushel x3, Onion Bushel x2 and Rice Bushel x3

Tripleberry Pie = Blueberry Bushel x3, Blackberry Bushel x2 and Raspberry Bushel x3

Peanut Butter Cookies = Peanuts Bushel x2, Rice Bushel x3 and Sugar Cane Bushel x3

Cauliflower Gratin = White Cauliflower Bushel x2, Pattypan Squash Bushel x2 and Basil Bushel x4

Gingerbread Cake = Ginger Bread Bushel x3, Pattypan Squash Bushel x2 and Red Tulips Bushel x2

Egg Bread = Taro Bushel x4, Wheat Bushel x3 and Rye Bushel x2



Level 3 Recipe:

Zucchini Muffin = Zucchini Bushel x3, Red Wheat x1 and White Grape x3

Blueberry Blondie = Wheat Bushel x2, Rice Bushel x3 and Raspberries Bushel x3

Vegetable Tart = Broccoli Bushel x1, Asparagus Bushel x2 and Peas Bushel x1

Mocha-Blackberry Cake = Coffee Bushel x3, Rice Bushel x2 and Blackberries Bushel x3

Rose Macaroon = Rye Bushel x4, Pink Rose Bushel x4 and Purple Poppy x4



Level 4 Recipe:

Ginger Pumpkin Pie = Ginger Bushel x4, Pumpkin Bushel x4 and Wheat Bushel x4

Oatmeal Cookies = Oats Bushel x4, Wheat Bushel x2 and Sugar Cane Bushel x2

Baked Cucumber = Cucumber Bushel x1, Basil Bushel x4 and Peppers Bushel x1

Pizza Bread = Wheat Bushel x4, Tomato Bushel x2 and Basil Bushel x2



Level 5 Recipe:

Saffron Falafel = Saffron Bushel x6, Chick Pea Bushel x6 and Onion Bushel x6

Ginger Snaps = Ginger Bushel x2, Sugar Cane Bushel x2, Oats Bushel x2 and Rice Bushel x2

Potato-Onion Bread = Potato Bushel x1, Onion Bushel x2, Wheat Bushel x2 and Posoles Corn Bushel x1

Carrot Cake = Carrots Bushel x2, Red Wheat Bushel x1, Soy Beans Bushel x1 and Cranberry Bushel x2

Hot Oat Muffin = Oats Bushel x6, Mustard Bushel x6, Amaranth Bushel x6

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