FarmVille Dream Nursery Guide, Animals and Parts Lists


Build the new breeding and animal lab! The FarmVille Dream Nursery is coming as players will have another building that can make and store rare animals. The general idea of this is to create and unlock all the animals that it can make plus it can also hold some of your farm animals for easy harvesting. Now at first you’ll be making the initial animal and you will need Cloud Parts to make one. There are 5 different types of Cloud and you can obtain a Cloud from harvesting the Dream Nursery.





Lists of Cloud Parts and from where to get it:

Wipsy Cloud: Bunny Chihuahua, T-Dux


Sunset Cloud: Pink Zonkey, Stormy Geep


Moon Cloud: Crystal Pegacow, Dragigoat


Stormy Cloud: Electric Blue Leopon, White Werepegacorn


Rainbow Cloud: Roostdeer, Glittery Grolar Bear


List of Animals, Parts Required and Items for the Dream Nursery:

Bunny Chihuahua

  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x4
  • Harvest for: Wipsy Cloud


Pink Zonkey

  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x5
  • Harvest for: Sunset Cloud



  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x2, Sunset Cloud x4
  • Harvest for: Wipsy Cloud



  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x4, Sunset Cloud x3
  • Harvest for: Moon Cloud


Stormy Geep

  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x4, Sunset Cloud x3, Moon Cloud x2
  • Harvest for: Sunset Cloud


Electric Blue Leopon

  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x3, Sunset Cloud x4, Moon Cloud x3
  • Harvest for: Stormy Cloud


Crystal Pegacow

  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x4, Sunset Cloud x5, Moon Cloud x4, Stormy Cloud x2
  • Harvest for: Moon Cloud


Glittery Grolar Bear

  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x5, Sunset Cloud x7, Moon Cloud x6, Stormy Cloud x6
  • Harvest for: Rainbow Cloud


White Werepegacorn

  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x6, Sunset Cloud x4, Moon Cloud x10, Stormy Cloud x6, Rainbow Cloud x4
  • Harvest for: Stormy Cloud



  • Materials Needed: Wipsy Cloud x6, Sunset Cloud x8 Moon Cloud x6, Stormy Cloud x10, Rainbow Cloud x8
  • Harvest for: Rainbow Cloud

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