FarmVille Forest Fair Guide


Avalon Wilderlands is a new farm expansion and along with it comes a new crafting building called the FarmVille Forest Fair. Unlike your regular crafting building where you need bushels and just craft, the Forest Fair will have several stations. Each stations will have designated purpose. We can rationalize these stations as:

  • Resource Station (where we can get the primary materials)
  • Crafting Station (where we use the primary materials and turn them into goods)
  • Rewards (products made from the crafting stations can be exchange with it)


FarmVille Forest fair Guide


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Expand the Home Pen

– Home Pen is the storage section of the Forest Fair where you can store your crafted items.

To expand the Home Pen, you will need the following materials:

Fay Hinge Elven Rope Crystal Light

Fay Hinge x8, Elven Rope x8 and Crystal Light x8


Expand the Play Area

– Play Area is the storage section of the Forest Fair where you can store the primary materials that are used for crafting.

To expand the Play Area, you will need the following materials:

Handspun Silk Moonstone Woodland Timber

Handspun Silk x8, Moonstone x8 and Woodland Timber x8



The materials for both the Home Pen and Play Area expansion are can be crafted at the Craftshop. The table below will show you the bushels you will need in making these parts:

Fay Hinge Love Lies Bleeding x3 Fluer De Lis x4 Ornamental Cabbage x3
Elven Rope Black Velvet Petunia x3 Fluer De Lis x4 Love Lies Bleeding x3
Crystal Light Ornamental Cabbage x3 Love Lies Bleeding x4 Laurel Berry x3
Handspun Silk Love Lies Bleeding x4 Laurel Berry x3 Black Velvet Petunia x2
Moon Stones Laurel Berry x3 Love Lies Bleeding x4 Fluer De Lis x4
Woodland Timber Black Velvet Petunia x3 Love Lies Bleeding x4 Ornamental Cabbage x4





Crystal ValleyGlass Flower

Crystal Valley

  • Harvest for Glass Flower every 2 min.

Starlit RakeStarlight Orb

Starlit Rake

  • Harvest for Starlight Orb every 2 min.

Rainbow FieldsRainbow Fleece

Rainbow Fields

  • Harvest for Rainbow Fleece every 3 min.

Hanging RockGolden Strings

Hanging Rock

  • Harvest for Golden Strings every 3 min.

Blue MountainFools Gold

Blue Mountain

  • Harvest for Fool’s Gold every 4 min.

Tree of LifeForaging Herbs

Tree of Life

  • Harvest for Foraging Herbs every 5 min.

RunehedgeRune Stones


  • Harvest for Rune Stones every 5 min.




Glassblower Kiln

Glassblower Kiln

SnowdropGlass Flower

Snowdrop = Glass Flower x2

  • Craft time: 2 minutes.

EdelweissGlass FlowerSnowdrop

Edelweiss = Glass Flower x2 and Snowdrop x1

  • Craft time: 2 minutes.

Golden DaisyGlass FlowerEdelweiss

Golden Daisy = Glass Flower x3 and Edelweiss x1

  • Craft time: 2 minutes.


Lampmakers Table

Lampmakers Table

Astral LanternStarlight Orb

Astral Lantern = Starlight Orb x2

  • Craft time: 5 minutes.

Glowing PhloxStarlight OrbGlass Flower

Glowing Phlox = Starlight Orb x2 and Glass Flower x2

  • Craft time: 5 minutes.

Bottled StarlightStarlight OrbAstral Lantern

Bottled Starlight = Starlight Orb x3 and Astral Lantern x1

  • Craft time: 5 minutes.

Sheaf of StarsStarlight OrbGlowing PhloxBottled Starlight

Sheaf of Stars = Starlight Orb x1, Glowing Phlox x1 and Bottled Starlight x1.

  • Craft time: 5 minutes.


Drapers Weave

Drapers Weave

Rainbow SilkRainbow Fleece

Rainbow Silk = Rainbow Fleece x3

  • Craft time: 10 minutes.

Bluebell ScarfRainbow FleeceGlass Flower

Bluebell Scarf = Rainbow Fleece x2 and Glass Flower x2

  • Craft time: 10 minutes.

Golden Daisy ChainRainbow FleeceGolden Daisy

Golden Daisy Chain = Rainbow Fleece x3 and Golden Daisy x1

  • Craft time: 10 minutes.

Faery Crown Rainbow FleeceBluebell ScarfGolden Strings

Faery Crown = Rainbow Fleece x2, Bluebell Scarf x1 and Golden Strings x1

  • Craft time: 30 minutes.

Dryad MasqueRainbow FleeceGolden Daisy Chain

Dryad Masque = Rainbow Fleece x2 and Golden Daisy Chain x1

  • Craft time: 30 minutes.


Minstrels Gallery

Minstrels Gallery

Celtic LuteGolden Strings

Celtic Lute = Golden Strings x3

  • Craft time: 2 hours

Shining FluteGolden StringsBottled Starlight

Shining Flute = Golden Strings x2 and Bottled Starlight x1

  • Craft time: 2 hours

Minstrels HatGolden StringsRainbow FleeceFaery Crown

Minstrels Hat = Golden Strings x2, Rainbow Fleece x1 and Faery Crown x1

  • Craft time: 2 hours

Bards StaffGolden StringsCeltic Lute

Bards Staff = Golden Strings x3 and Celtic Lute x1

  • Craft time: 2 hours

Music BlowerGolden StringsCeltic LuteFools Gold

Music Blower = Golden Strings x3, Celtic Lute x1 and Fool’s Gold x1

  • Craft time: 2 hours

Pans HelmDryad MasqueGlowing PhloxShining Flute

Pans Helm = Dryad Masque x2, Glowing Phlox x1 and Shining Flute x1

  • Craft time: 2 hours


Alchemists Machine

Alchemists Machine

Gold CoinsFools Gold

Gold Coins = Fool’s Gold x2

  • Crafting time: 4 hours

Golden ShieldFools Gold

Golden Shield = Fool’s Gold x3

  • Crafting time: 4 hours

Golden LuteFools GoldGolden Strings

Golden Lute = Fool’s Gold x2 and Golden Strings x1

  • Crafting time: 4 hours

Philosophers StoneFools GoldGolden Daisy Chain

Philosophers Stone = Fool’s Gold x3 and Golden Daisy Chain x1

  • Crafting time: 4 hours

Golden HarpFools GoldGolden Strings

Golden Harp = Fool’s Gold x3 and Golden Strings x3

  • Crafting time: 4 hours

Aqua RegiaFools GoldCeltic Lute

Aqua Regia = Fool’s Gold x3 and Celtic Lute x1

  • Crafting time: 4 hours




Healing SalveForaging Herbs

Healing Salve = Foraging Herbs x2

  • Craft time: 6 hours

Jar of DreamsForaging HerbsFools Gold

Jar of Dreams = Foraging Herbs x2 and Fool’s Gold x2

  • Craft time: 6 hours

Bottled JoyForaging HerbsRainbow Silk

Bottled Joy = Foraging Herbs x2 and Rainbow Silk x1

  • Craft time: 6 hours

Elixir of LifeForaging HerbsHealing Salve

Elixir of Life = Foraging Herb x2 and Healing Salve x1

  • Craft time: 6 hours

Cask of RichesForaging HerbsShining FluteGolden Shield

Cask of Riches = Foraging Herbs x2, Shining Flute x1 and Golden Shield x1

  • Craft time: 6 hours

Brew of LoveForaging HerbsMinstrels HatJar of Dreams

Brew of Love = Foraging Herbs x3, Minstrel Hat x1 and Jar of Dreams x1

  • Craft time: 6 hours


Druids Dolmen

Druids Dolmen


Arcane SpellRune Stones

Arcane Spell = Rune Stones x3

  • Craft time: 6 hours

Snowdrop StarsRune StonesSnowdropSheaf of Stars

Snowdrop Stars = Rune Stones x2, Snowdrop x1 and Sheaf of Stars x1

  • Craft time: 6 hours

Northern LightsRune StonesArcane SpellSnowdrop Stars

Northern Lights = Rune Stones x2, Arcane Spell x1 and Snowdrop Stars x1

  • Craft time: 6 hours

Magic BlossomRune StonesArcane SpellPans Helm

Magic Blossom = Rune Stones x5, Arcane Spell x2 and Pans Helm x1

  • Craft time: 6 hours


Daisy HedgehogStarlight OrbSnowdropAstral Lantern

1. Daisy Hedgehog = Starlight Orb x2, Snowdrop x2 and Astral Lantern x1.


Winged BoarGlass Flower EdelweissBottled StarlightRainbow FleeceAstral LanternRainbow Silk

2. Winged Boar = Glass Flower x1, Edelweiss x1, Bottled Starlight x1, Rainbow Fleece x1, Astral Lantern x2 and Rainbow Silk x1.


Friar BadgerGolden StringsSheaf of StarsGolden DaisyRainbow FleeceFaery CrownDryad Masque

3. Friar Badger = Golden Strings x2, Sheaf of Stars x1, Golden Daisy x1, Rainbow Fleece x1, Faery Crown x1 and Dryad Masque x1.


Glade FoxStarlight OrbSheaf of StarsGlass FlowerAstral LanternRainbow SilkRainbow FleeceGolden StringsEdelweissMinstrels Hat

4. Glade Fox = Starlight Orb x1, Sheaf of Stars x1, Glass Flower x1, Astral Lantern x1, Rainbow Silk x1, Rainbow Fleece x1, Golden Strings x1, Edelweiss x1 and Minstrel’s Hat x1.


Wood ImpAstral LanternEdelweissSheaf of StarsStarlight OrbGolden Daisy ChainFaery CrownBluebell ScarfBards Staff

5. Wood Imp = Astral Lantern x1, Edelweiss x1, Sheaf of Stars x1, Starlight Orb x1, Golden Daisy Chain x1, Faery Crown x1, Bluebell Scarf x1, Dryad Masque x1 and Bard’s Staff x1.


Gaelic BadgerGlass FlowerMusic BlowerBottled StarlightGolden HarpBluebell ScarfAqua Regia

6. Gaelic Badger = Glass Flower x2, Music Blower x1, Bottled Starlight x1, Golden Harp x1, Bluebell Scarf x2 and Aqua Regia x1.


Phoenix PheasantGolden StringsShining FluteSheaf of Stars Foraging HerbsBluebell ScarfBards StaffSnowdropPans HelmMinstrels Hat

7. Phoenix Pheasant = Golden Strings x1, Shining Flute x1, Sheaf of Stars x1, Foraging Herbs x1, Bluebell Scarf x1, Bard’s Staff x1, Snowdrop x1, Pan’s Helm x1 and Minstrel’s Hat x1.


Sylvan WolfDryad MasqueBrew of LoveSheaf of StarsMinstrels HatShining FluteGolden HarpBottled StarlightRainbow SilkMusic Blower

8. Sylvan Wolf = Dryad Masque x1, Brew of Love x1, Sheaf of Stars x1, Minstrel’s Hat x1, Shining Flute x1, Golden Harp x1, Bottled Starlight x1, Rainbow Silk x1 and Music Blower x1.


Rune BearForaging HerbsEdelweissRainbow SilkFools GoldMusic BlowerJar of DreamsGolden ShieldSnowdrop StarsBottled Joy

9. Rune Bear = Foraging Herbs x1, Edelweiss x1, Rainbow Silk x1, Fool’s Gold x1, Music Blower x1, Jar of Dreams x1, Golden Shield x1, Snowdrop Stars x1 and Bottled Joy x1.


Dale HorseGolden StringsSheaf of StarsElixir of LifeFaery CrownPans HelmSnowdrop StarsBluebell ScarfDryad MasqueHealing Salve

10. Dale Horse = Golden Strings x3, Sheaf of Stars x2, Elixir of Life x1, Faery Crown x1, Pan’s Helm x1, Snowdrop Stars x1, Bluebell Scarf x1, Dryad Masque x1 and Healing Salve x1.


Pan HorseGlass FlowerSheaf of StarsGolden Daisy ChainStarlight OrbGolden DaisyMinstrels HatGolden StringsShining FluteMagic Blossom

11. Pan Horse = Glass Flower x3, Sheaf of Stars x3, Golden Daisy Chain x2, Starlight Orb x3, Golden Daisy x3, Minstrel’s Hat x1, Golden Strings x1, Shining Flute x1 and Magic Blossom x1.


Foxglove UnicornEdelweissGolden LutePhilosophers StoneRune StonesCeltic LuteGold CoinsBottled StarlightGolden ShieldNorthern Lights

12. Foxglove Unicorn = Edelweiss x2, Golden Lute x2, Philosopher’s Stone x1, Rune Stones x3, Celtic Lute x2, Gold Coins x1, Bottled Starlight x2, Golden Shield x1 and Northern Lights x1.


Druid PegasusRainbow SilkDryad MasqueArcane SpellPans HelmAqua RegiaShining FluteBottled JoyGolden HarpCask of Riches

13. Druid Pegasus = Rainbow Silk x6, Dryad Masque x6, Arcane Spell x2, Pan’s Helm x1, Aqua Regia x1, Shining Flute x1, Bottled Joy x1, Golden Harp x1 and Cask of Riches x1.


Dryad PegacornRainbow FleeceEdelweissPhilosophers StoneSheaf of StarsBrew of LoveGolden ShieldGolden LuteJar of DreamsNorthern Lights

14. Dryad Pegacorn = Rainbow Fleece x6, Edelweiss x5, Philosopher’s Stone x2, Sheaf of Stars x2, Brew of Love x1, Golden Shield x3, Golden Lute x1, Jar of Dreams x1 and Northern Lights x1.


Herne StagSheaf of StarsDryad MasqueBards StaffPans HelmMinstrels HatShining FluteFaery CrownGolden Daisy ChainMagic Blossom

15. Herne Stag = Sheaf of Stars x4, Dryad Masque x4, Bard’s Staff x3, Pan’s Helm x2, Minstrel’s Hat x3, Shining Flute x3, Faery Crown x3, Golden Daisy Chain x3 and Magic Blossom x1.


Forest Fair

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