Avalon Recipes Archive

3 Mar 2015

FarmVille Royal Stable Guide and Tips

Find out the different recipes that you can make in your FarmVille ROYAL STABLE, a new building that are exclusive for AVALON KINGDOM farm. The Royal Stable will have 2 types of stations that will have different purpose. The first will be the
2 Mar 2015

FarmVille Potion Workshop Guide

Avalon Kingdom (AK) farm will be an new extension of the Avalon farm and it will have it’s own crafting building the FarmVille POTION WORKSHOP. It will be different from the Avalon Wilderlands Glass Blower for it

3 Jan 2015

FarmVille Forest Fair Guide

Avalon Wilderlands is a new farm expansion and along with it comes a new crafting building called the FarmVille Forest Fair. Unlike your regular crafting building where you need bushels and just craft, the Forest Fair will
1 Jan 2015

FarmVille Glass Blower Guide

FarmVille Glass Blower is a new crafting building that can be found in a new farm expansion called Avalon Wilderlands. This will be the exclusive crafting building for the Avalon farm and can be used once the Avalon