Avalon Wilderlands Archive

25 Feb 2015

Avalon Chapter 8 Quests: FarmVille Serious Schooling

Annabel continues her training and studies with magic in FarmVille Serious Schooling, an Avalon Wilderlands Chapter 8 Quests. She is planning to train and take magic course to prepare for the up coming King’s Challenge and we
19 Feb 2015

FarmVille Time to Practice Quests

Anabel is glad that she finally met Gilbert and Olyver in FarmVille Time to Practice, a special Avalon Chapter 9 Quests. She said that she can finally concentrate on mastering her magical skills. And we will help her in this 30

16 Feb 2015

Avalon Chapter 7: FarmVille Magical Miracles

Annabelle is glad that we met her father in FarmVille Magical Miracles, an Avalon Chapter 7 Quests. Now that her father is more open in letting her to learn magic, she is now more determined in mastering
10 Feb 2015

FarmVille Avalon Chapter 6: The Man of the House

Walter, one of Anabel’s friends is joining us in our quest in FarmVille The Man of the House, and Avalon Wilderlands Chapter 6 Quests. He is quite amused on how we are helping Anabel with her magic
4 Feb 2015

Avalon Chapter 5 Quests: FarmVille Olyver’s Day Out

We will meet Olyver, Annabel’s best friend in FarmVille Olyver’s Day Out, an Avalon Chapter 5 Quests. Olyver will offer his help in gathering things that will help with Annabel’s magic training. On this chapter of Avalon
28 Jan 2015

FarmVille Avalon Chapter 4: Getting Serious About Magic

We will finally meet Gilbert in FarmVille Getting Serious About Magic, an Avalon Chapter 4 Quests. We have successfully located Gilbert’s location and we are going to hear more stories about him on this quests. On this
20 Jan 2015

Avalon Chapter 3 Quests: The Magic Man

Let’s join Anabel as we look around for Gilbert in FarmVille The Magic Man, an Avalon Chapter 3 Quests. As Anabel previously mentioned, we will go to a cave nearby where Gilbert is rumored to be hiding.