FarmVille Atlantis Trees, Animals and Decos


Here is a part of the first look at FarmVille new farm the Atlantis. We have some of the early images of the Trees, Animals and Decorations that will be coming along upon the release of FarmVille Atlantis. Expect some of these items as a reward when opening treasures in Atlantis.


Anemone Tree, Green Anemone Tree and Red Anemone Tree

Rose Star Tree, Pink Coral Tree and Thorny Sea Star Tree

Arctic Cookie Star Tree, Prism Coral Tree and Glowing Jelly Fish Tree

Purple Star Tree, Cowry Tree and Clownfish Tree

Chiton Tree, Golden Coral Tree and Atlantean Seashell Tree

Orange Sea Pen, Tritonia Nudibranch Tree and Sea Urchin Cactus Tree

Chromodoris Nudibranch Tree, Kelp Forest Tree and Hypselodoris Nudibranch Tree



Peganarwhal, Sponge Cow, Atlantean Bull, Atlantean Horse and Great Manta Ray

Sea Pegasus, Seaweed Horse, Deep Sea Horse, Atlantis Island Turtle and Trigger Reef

Sapphire Hippo Camp, Deepsea Cow, Bahamut, Poseidon Pony and Marine Angel

Pink Narwhal, Marine Angel, Merabian Stallion, Common Dolphin and Orange Moonrish Idol


Building and Decorations:

Quick Silver Moat Set

Greek Path 1, Greek Path 2, Ocean Floor 1, Ocean Floor 2 and Under Water Stream

Temple of Neptune, Athena Chicken Statue, Roman Arch, Tridentina Rock and Poseidon Cow Statue

Ruby Coral, Mermaid Gnomette, Ancient Statue, Atlantis Coral Arch and Sapphire Coral

Atlantean Amphora, Clown Fish Anemone, Underwater Volcano, Lobe Coral and Amethyst Coral

Aqueduct, Golden Nautilus, Sea Sponge, Coral Bridge and Poseidon Duck Statue

Atlantean Gnome, Atlantis Coral Fence, Giant Sea Anemone and Coral Cart

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