Monster Lab


One of the building that will be available to players once we arrived in FarmVille’s Haunted Hollow is the Monster Lab. It’s a breeding building where we place up to 20 Monsters inside the Monster Lab. Once you harvest the Monster Lab it will give “Serum” on which you can use to create more Monster by exchanging these serums. The more monster the Monster Lab has the more chances it gives rare color “Serums”. You can have multiple built Monster lab. All exchange Monster can be found in the Gift Box.

Monster Lab Building Stage:


Material parts needed to complete the Monster lab:


Rusty Gear, Metal Post and Thunder Cloud.

You can obtain the Rusty Gear in the Special Delivery Box. Just place or if you have an unfinished Monster lab before opening the Special Delivery Box.


Monster Lab current Monsters list:

Chickenpire (Blue Serum)

Frankensheep (Green Serum)

Monster Hog (Blue Serum)

Mummy Duck (Orange Serum)

Cow Horse (Green Serum)

Giant Moth (Orange Serum)

Fish Creature (Pink Serum)

Mega Monkey (Yellow Serum)

Lizard Monster (Pink Serum)

La Chupacabra (Yellow Serum)

Tips on how to get the serum you want:

If you’re aiming to get a specific color of serum for example a “Green Serum” the best way to get it is to remove all the monster in your Monster Lab and just place the monsters that gives “Green Serum” on this case the Frankensheep or the Cow Horse.


If you’re aiming to get “Orange Serum” then just place only the monster that gives “Orange Serum” like the Mummy Duck or Giant Moth. Don’t mix it with other monster like monster that gives “Blue Serum” or “Green Serum”.

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