5th Birthday Countdown in FarmVille Feature


FarmVille new Countdown feature is coming our way soon. We will have the 5th Birthday Countdown next as we collect stamps and win exciting rewards. This new edition of the Countdown feature will have the 5th birthday theme and the rewards that will be given is related to that theme. The feature will have a total 16 rewards to be given away.


 Stamps and Rewards:

Day 1: 5th Birthday Cake
5th Birthday Cake
Day 2: Topsy Turvy Birthday Cow
Topsy Turvy Birthday Cow
Day 3: Birthday Rehearsal Cat
Birthday Rehearsal Cat
Day 4: Dark Chocolate Sheep
Dark Chocolate Sheep
Day 5: Bubblegum Birthday Chicken
Bubblegum Birthday Chicken
Day 6: Birthday Shake
5 Tier Cupcake Tree
Day 7: 5 Tier Cupcake Tree
Birthday Shake
 Day 8: 5th Birthday Goat
5th Birthday Goat
Day 9: Blissful Birthday Pony
Blissful Birthday Pony
Day 10: Birthday Bunny
Birthday Bunny
Day 11: Red Velvet Birthday
Red Velvet Birthday
 Day 12: Balloongie Dog
Balloongie Dog
Day 13: Cupcake Gnomette
Cupcake Gnomette
Day 14: 5th Birthday Giraffe
5th Birthday Giraffe
Day 15: Party Rooster
Party Rooster
Day 16: Party Crasher Unicorn
Party Crasher Unicorn

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