FarmVille Mythology Countdown 2013


A new FarmVille Countdown Feature will be coming our way this February. It’s the FarmVille Mythology Day Gift Special! This is a feature where all players have to do is ask their friends for items which on this case a Mythological magic and then once the required number is collected a prize will be given. There different items that can be won one each day


Prizes that will be given away in Mythology Countdown:

Poseidon Duck

Zeus Pegacorn

Aphrodite Chicken

Apollo Pit

Yggdrasil Tree

Greek Gazebo

Turbo Charger

Ra Statue

Tree Of Life

Maori Statue

Odin Gnome

Mystery Dart

Loki Weasel


Grey Fell Horse

Naga Dragon

Hestia’s Hearth

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