Farm Game Limited Edition Item Release


In the spirit of the Olympic Games, FarmVille recently releases the new Farm Game Limited Edition items. The July 27 release includes new trees, animals and decorations. These new group of items are themed after sports, items and memorabilia that you may find or see during the Olympic Games. Check them out in the market for they will be only available for two weeks.



Ribbon Wand Tree, 8 FV cash, 25 zen


Giant Ribbon Wand Tree, 14 FV cash, 50 zen


Trophy Tree, 6 FV cash, 25 zen


Giant Trophy Tree, 12 FV cash, 50 zen




Golden Mini Horse, 26 FV cash, 2600 xp, 150 zen


Torch Duck, 16 FV cash, 1600 xp


Cheetah Runner, 14 FV cash, 1400 xp


Buildings and Decorations:


Sports Chariot, 10 FV cash, 1000 xp


Gymnastic Gnome, 12 FV cash, 1200 xp


Discuss Statue, 50000 coins, 500 xp


Rowing Team, 6 FV cash, 20 xp

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