Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 04/08/2013


Here are the details of the current FarmVille Limited Edition Items featuring Fairy Tales theme items. This will be the second part of what was been release a few weeks ago. Get a chance to collect these rare and collectible items that will be available at the market for a period of time. Also we included the information of the prizes that you may won for this week in FarmVille’s everybody’s favorite game the Mystery Game.


Gold Spinning Wheel Tree

Twinkle Twinkle Tree

Candlestick Tree

Humpty Dumpty Tree

Straw, Sticks, & Bricks Tree

Magic Beanstalk Tree



Cinderella Pegacorn


Miss Muffet Sheep

Humpty Duck-ty

Puppy who Lives in Shoe


Buildings and Decorations:

Emerald Castle

Jack Be Nimble Gnome

Mulberry Bush


Mystery Game Prizes –>>

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