Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 05/06/2013


The second batch of the FarmVille 1905’s Limited Edition items has just been release and you can now find it available at the market for purchase. These items will only be available for a period of time. The theme for this release is the 1950’s so expect nostalgic items pertaining to that time period. We also listed here this week prizes for the FarmVille  Mystery Game.




 Cola Tree

 Diner Sign Tree

 Greaser Tree

 Drive in Tree

 Vintage Telephone Tree

  TV Dinner Tree



 The King Pegacorn

 Greaser Horse

 Bettie Pony

Milkman Bull

 Pin-Up Pig

 Secretary Sheep



 Surfer Gnome


  Modern Cabana


Mystery Game Prizes for this week (May 6)

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