Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 05/13/2013


The second batch of FarmVille Limited Edition items Art Deco is now available in the Market. Here are a list of the limited edition items Art Deco that will be available for purchase for a limited time. We also posted here the prizes for the Mystery game. So if you’re planning play FarmVille Mystery game you can find here the prizes.



Deco Design Tree


Flapper Headdress Tree / Giant Flapper Headdress Tree


Peacock Feathers Tree / Giant Peacock Feathers Tree


Flapper Dress Tree / Giant Flappers Dress Tree

Gramaphone Tree / Giant Gramaphone Tree



Chevron Pegacorn

Flapper Mare

Charleston Chicken

Demure Sheep


Decorations and Buildings:

One Piece Boy Gnome

Deco Peacock Fountain

Silent Film Theater


Mystery Game Prizes —–>

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