Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 05/27/2013


The second set of FarmVille High School Limited Edition items if here! These items can now be found in the market and will be available for a period of time only so grab this chance now if you are collecting items that are theme related to high school. Also included on this post are the prizes for this week FarmVille’s Mystery Game.




Prom Queen Tree, Giant Prom Queen Tree



Locker Tree, Giant Locker Tree



Pencil & Pens Tree, Giant Pencil & Pens Tree



Cap and Gown Tree, Giant Cap and Gown Tree



Baton Twirling Tree, Giant Baton Twirling Tree



Backpack Tree, Giant Backpack Tree




Cheerleading Pegacorn


Prom King Stallion


Glee Club Pony


Gym Class Chicken




Punch Bowl Fountain


Prom Poses


Homecoming Float


Mystery Game prizes for this week –>

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