All American Diner in FarmVille Seed Buildings


FarmVille will ready and set to release a new seed building the All American Diner this month. The All American Diner is just like the previous type of seed building, this time it can be harvested for Pan Cake Stack seed packets. It can also be upgraded up to several stages and the more upgrade it have the more chances of getting more seed packets.

 All American Diner


The American Diner Stages


The All American Diner will need the following in order to be completed and upgraded:

  • Diner Jukebox
  • Diner Chair
  • Vintage Poster

American Diner Materials



Diner Chair

The Diner Chair is the part that can be crafted at the Craftshop. It can be crafted with the following parts:

Diner Chair = Buckwheat x3, Carrot x3 and Coffee x3



Stages Diner Jukebox Diner Chair Vintage Poster
1 6 2 9
2 8 3 12
3 10 4 15
4 12 6 18
5 14 8 21
6 16 10 24



You can harvest the All American Diner with Pancake Stacks:

Pancake StackPancake Stack Bushels

Pancake Stack

Harvest time: 8 hours

Buy: 350 coins

Yield: 500 coins

XP: 3

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