Big Picnic Guide


FarmVille has just recently released the new Big Picnic. It’s a new feature where players will collect “picnic baskets” and exchange it for a reward. The more picnic basket a player collects the more chance they will have to redeem all the rewards it offers.


The mechanics are easy, when a player entered the game a popup message will appear informing about the new feature and then players will have just to place the Big Picnic Deco Building. It case you missed it you can just click the Big Picnic icon on the right side of the screen and it will allow you to place the building.

After placing it in a nice free spot, click on it and you will have the following options:

  • Ask via Feed – post a reuqest feed in your Facebook Time Line
  • Send Picnic Basket – send to your friends
  • Buy Picnic Baskets – buy Big Picnic by spending FV cash
  • Look Inside – check the current status of your Big Picnic
  • Move – relocate the Big Picnic
  • Sell – exchange for coins


Click look inside and you will have the following menu screen:


As your number of Picnic Basket progresses, the building itself will change into more visually impressing. It will have 6 stages.


Here are the rewards that players may choose to redeem if they meet the corresponding number of Picnic Basket:

Peeking Duck 15 Picnic Baskets


Zen Gnome 20 Picnic Baskets


Giant Parasol Tree 35 Picnic Baskets


Sheep Ninja 50 Picnic Baskets


Ghengis Cow 75 Picnic Baskets


Nomadic Horse 170 Picnic Baskets

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