Crystal Garden


Help build the FarmVille Crystal Zen Garden with parts from your friends and make the garden more awesome and earn more coins. This feature will require players to collect parts from our friends and FarmVille neighbors to finish building it. There will be six stages for it to be able show it’s final appearance. Each stage will require different number of parts so as the Crystal Garden progresses it’s stage the more number of parts it will require.





Building the FarmVille Crystal Garden will require the following parts:

Crystal, Crystal Seed and Water


List of the number of materials the Crystal Garden will need for it’s upgrade:

Stage 1: 6 Crystal, 6 Crystal Seeds and 9 Water


Stage 2: 8 Crystal, 8 Crystal Seeds and 12 Water


Stage 3: 10 Crystal, 10 Crystal Seeds and 15 Water


Stage 4: 12 Crystal, 12 Crystal Seeds, 18 Water


Stage 5: 14 Crystal, 14 Crystal Seeds, 21 Water


Stage 6: 16 Crystal, 16 Crystal Seeds, 24 Water

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