Farm Stand Feature in FarmVille


A new feature has just been release bearing new concept and it is the FarmVille Farm Stand feature. For 14 days there will be 14 different prizes for each day that a player can win. In order to win the prize of the day players will need helper to sell crops. The number of helpers needed will depend on which stage they are in. The further the player progresses the higher the number of helper it will require. Also there is a ranking on which players will have the most sales (helper). The top 5 of the whole FarmVille community will receive an exclusive Trophy.





Day 1:

Ask friends to sell Corn (need 4 helper)


Purple Corn CowPurple Corn Cow


Day 2:

Ask friends to sell Rainbow Fruit (need 6 helper)


Rainbow EucalyptusRainbow Eucalyptus


Day 3:

Ask friends to sell Blueberries (need 6 helper)


Blueberry BearBlueberry Bear


Day 4:

Ask friends to sell Pears (need 7 helper)




Day 5:

Ask friends to sell Pineapple (need 7 helper)


Pineapple TreePineapple Tree


Day 6:

Ask friends to sell Cucumber (need 7 helper)


Pink Cucumber TreePink Cucumber Tree


Day 7:

Ask friends to sell Watermelon (need 8 helper)


Watermelon ZebraWatermelon Zebra


Day 8:

Ask friends to sell Brussel Sprouts (need 8 helper)


Brussel Sprout TreeBrussel Sprout Tree


Day 9:

Ask friends to sell Rambutan (need 9 helper)


Rambutan TreeRambutan Tree


Day 10:

Ask friends to sell Cabbage (need 10 helper)


Cabbage CatCabbage Cat


Day 11:

Ask friends to sell Banana (need 10 helper)


Banana PorcupineBanana Porcupine


Day 12:

Ask friends to sell Asparagus (need 10 helper)


Asparagus TreeAsparagus Tree


Day 13:

Ask friends to sell Peach (need 10 helper)


Peach Panda


Day 14:

Ask friends to sell Cherry (need 12 helper)


Cherry Unicorn

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