FarmVille Easter Sundae Build and Redeem Guide


Have you seen the new Spring Season feature in FarmVille? yup it’s finally here the new Easter Sundae decoration building. You can now place those ice creams you collected from neighbors and friends and also harvested from the Candy Castle. The more Ice Cream you collect and place in the Easter Sundae the more visually impressive it will become plus you can exchange it for various items. This new feature building can grow into six stage and it will have 6 items to choose and redeem. Each item will require numbers of Ice Cream in order to qualify for an exchange.

Easter Sundae upgrade stage from 1 to 6


Upon entering the game, a pop up message will inform you about the new feature. If you missed it or accidentally close it you can find it in your Gift Box. Use the search function to locate it easily.


After placing it, you don’t need materials to finish and use it you can put those Ice Cream immediately. You can view your progress on how many you have collected in the left side bar. The Easter Sundae will be upgraded automatically from stage 1 to 5 for every 25 Ice Cream you put in. But make it to stage 6 you will need 50 pieces.


The following items can be redeemed if you meet the required number of Ice Cream collected:


Waffle Fence – 10 ice cream or 3


Ice Cream Sundae Tree – 50 ice cream or 6


Ice Cream Gnome – 60 ice cream or 15


Chocolate Syrup Water Fall – 70 ice cream or 14


Sundae Horse – 130 ice cream or 30


Ice Cream Dragon – 150 ice cream 0r 35

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