Recipe Mastery Billboard Guide


FarmVille recently released the fourth installment of the Billboard building, the Recipe Mastery Billboard. You can now have and build the new feature building by either buying the materials or requesting help to your friends and neighbors. It can store your Recipe Mastery signs and keep track of them in one storage. You can upgrade the Recipe Billboard to increase the capacity of signs it can hold.

How to build: Upon entering the game, a pop up message will notify you about the new feature building. You will then be ask to placed the unfinished Recipe Mastery Billboard.


Now place it a nice suitable space. You will notice that a green outline will glow around it if the space is free.


After placing the Recipe Mastery Billboard, try clicking on it and you will have the following options:

  • Look Inside – check the status of the current build of Recipe Mastery Billboard
  • Ask for Parts – ask your friends for materials
  • Complete Now – buy all the materials by using Farm Ville cash to finish the current built.
  • Move – rearrange or relocate the building.
  • Sell – exchange the building for coins.


By clicking Look Inside you will see how many parts more you’ll need to finish the current build:

You will need the following materials to build and upgrade it. Clamps, Sand Paper and Glue



Building Stages:

recipe mastery billboard 1   recipe billboard 2   recipe mastery billboard 4     recipe mastery billboard 5


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