Romantic Carriage Guide


Love is in the Air! Oh, i feel it in my finger i feel it in my toe… Valentine’s is just around the corner and what a cool way to prepare for the upcoming event is with a Romantic Valentine Carriage. FarmVille farmers started receiving a new buildable decoration the Romantic Carriage with 6 stages of upgrades. Each upgrades will increase the number of Love Arrows you can receive when harvesting the Romantic Carriage. The Love Arrows will then be in use in the upcoming new feature the Cupid’s Garden. So Fairy Godfarmers, start waving your wand and let’s build the Romantic Carriage!


Upon entering the game, a popup notice will inform you about the new feature. You will then have the option of placing the new Romantic Carriage. If you missed the notice just check your gift box and if you unable to locate it you can purchase one for zero coins at the Market.


Now, find a suitable location that you would be comfortable placing the Romantic Carriage. A green outline will glow around the Romantic Carriage if the area is free.


Reminder: You can have 1 Romantic Carriage on each farm location you have. (eg. LC, Home, EC, WW)

Now that you placed your Romantic Carriage, click it and you will have the following options:

  • Look Inside – View your progress
  • Ask for Parts – Send requests for Materials to any friend once every four hours
  • Complete Now – Pay Farm Cash to complete a stage of your Romantic Carriage
  • Move – Rearrange your Romantic Carriage on your farm
  • Sell – Option to sell your Romantic Carriage


You will have three options on how to get materials to finish the Romantic Carriage (ask for more, send materials and buy materials). You will need the following materials:

Note: You can click the image link to send request to friends for the Romantic Carriage materials.


Early stage materials for the Romantic Carriage: Flower Trim, Carriage Lamp and Love



Later stage materials for the Romantic Carriage: Fancy Chocolates, Horse Treats and Cozy Blankets.



Once you finish the first stage, you can now harvest it for Love Arrows. The FarmVille Love Carriage have 6 building stage. As you finish each stage it will grow more impressive looking and it will yield more Love Arrows when harvested. Love Arrows can’t be use at the moment so just keep it in your gift box and save it for the soon to be released FarmVille’s Cupid’s Garden.


All materials that you received will went straight in to your gift box. Just check your gift box then click “Use All” button to add them into your Love Carriage.

As you continue adding materials and upgrading the Romantic Carriage the more visually good looking it will get:

Stage 1:

   Requires: Love x12, Flower Trim x12 and Carriage Lamp x12


Stage 2:

    Requires: Love x14, Flower Trim x14 and Carriage Lamp x14


Stage 3:

     Requires: Love x16, Flower x 16 and Carriage Lamp x16


Stage 4:

     Requires: Horse Treat x18, Fancy Chocolate x18 and Cozy Blanket x18


Stage 5:

     Requires: Horse Treat x20, Fancy Chocolate x20 and Cozy Blanket x20


Stage 6:

      Requires: Horse Treat x22, Fancy Chocolate x22 and Cozy Blanket x22


Harvest yield of the romantic carriage on each stage:

  • Stage 1: 1 Love Arrow
  • Stage 2: 1 Love Arrow
  • Stage 3: 2 Love Arrow
  • Stage 4: 2 Love Arrow
  • Stage 5: 3 Love Arrow
  • Stage 6: 4 Love Arrow


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