Time Machine Feature Guide


Travel to different time period to win and collect prizes in this FarmVille Time Machine Feature. All we players have to do is place the Time Machine building then collect the necessary parts to unlock different time period and prizes. There are 3 time period to travel to The Victorian Era, The 1970’s and Feudal Japan.



Three Theme Period to travel to:

Feudal Japan

Prizes that can be won in Feudal Japan: Warrior Horse, Cherry Blossom Seeds, Ume Tree, Nunchaku Turtle and Geisha Gnome.


Prizes that can be won in 1970’s: Hippie Horse, Hustlin’ Cow, Lava Lamp Tree, Peace Flower Seeds, and Studio 45.



Prizes that can be won in Victorian: Buckingham Horse, Ivy Seeds, Queen Victoria’s Dog, Parasol Tree and Duchess Gnome.

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