Witchin’ Cauldron Feature Guide


Help build the FarmVille Witchin’ Cauldron with parts from your friends on this upcoming feature. Further stages of construction allow you to discover better items! The new Witchin’ Cauldron building can be upgraded up to six stages and can be harvested for various parts for the Breeding Buildings like Unicorn Gems for the Unicorn Tower, Dragon Scales for Dragon Tower etc.


Parts Needed:

Ladle, Gummy Tentacle and Enchanted Iron

Stage 1:


Ladle x6, Enchanted Iron x9 and Gummy Tentacles x6


Stage 2:


Ladle x8, Enchanted Iron x12 and Gummy Tentacles x8


Stage 3:


Ladle x10, Enchanted Iron x15 and Gummy Tentacles x10


Stage 4:


Ladle x12, Enchanted Iron x18 and Gummy Tentacles x12


Stage 5:


Ladle x14, Enchanted Iron x21 and Gummy Tentacles x14


Stage 6:


Ladle x16, Enchanted Iron x24 and Gummy Tentacles x16

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