FarmVille Lost and Found Guide


Ok, ever experience missing or misplacing your animals for the quest and having problem locating it? or an items perhaps. Yup, it sure do confusing to find these animals or items if you place it in your farm especially if you have a max expansion. Now, FarmVille has an answer to this as they introduced few days ago the new Lost and Found game feature. With this, you can now locate the item that you are looking for as long as you have a keyword for it. Just like searching through your gift box or browsing at the market. We tested this and for a bit it may be useful.

If you have an item to look for, just click the “Search” to start it’s located above the Storage button.


After clicking, the Lost and Found will show some of the items you have and it’s possible location. Now, you may type in the keyword for the item that you’re looking for let say for example “penguin”.


Just as you start typing it will predict what you’re looking for and may show some list of suggestions. In this case, just as we finish typing the word penguin it already have a list of suggestions of the possible locations.


We select the “All Packed Penguin” Found 1 in your farm. Click to highlight, and it does show where the item is:


We then choose the “All Packed Penguin” 1 in Storage and it then highlighted the storage:


This is a useful feature but when we hide the penguin behind a decorations or building,

You will then just rely on the movement of the Game Screen as it will center the items that you’re currently looking for then just remove the items 1 by 1 to uncover it.

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