FarmVille Sweet Acres Breeding Pens and Deco Buildings


Here are some of the things that we may expect once the new FarmVille farm extension the Sweet Acres opens. We will have a sweetly designed breeding pens like Aviary, Zoo, Wildlife Habitat etc.. New vehicles just like the Harvester, Seeder and Tractor. We may expect to travel to this new farm early next month.




Breeding Pens:

Zoo Wildlife Pen
Pet Run
Livestock Pen Horse Paddock Cow Pasture
Aviary Orchard


Storage Building:

Storage Gnome Garden Garage



Candy Tractor Candy Seeder Candy Harvester


Building Decorations:

White Chocolate Tower Sweet Dreams Motel Razzberry Ranch
Popsicle Palace Parisian Cafe Gumdrop Gazebo
Frosted Victorian Cupcake Tower Candy Mansion


Sweet Acres Buildable Candy Factory

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