Farmville Mission Archive

4 Dec 2016

FarmVille Snow Fight Quests

We are going to tag along with our friend Sasha in FarmVille Snow Fight Quests. She is excited to tell us that she will organizing this event and is inviting us to come along. But before we
1 Dec 2016

FarmVille Meet the Locals (Snowyville CH 4)

Help our Queen Pretoria in meeting her citizens in FarmVille Meet the Locals, a Snowyville Chapter 4 Quests. She will be going down to visit the people. She is planning to ask and know what they’re daily

29 Nov 2016

FarmVille Stars and Stripes Quests

Gilda is excited to tells us about the forthcoming Flag Day event in FarmVille Stars and Stripes Quests. She has just planned the best activities that we will help organize. She is thinking it would be nice
22 Nov 2016

FarmVille Cold Shoulders (Snowyville CH 3)

It looks like the Magic Star that gives power to the town has gone in FarmVille Cold Shoulders, an Snowyville Chapter 3 Quests. Because of this, no one will have the power to use their magic. Pretoria

18 Nov 2016

FarmVille Go to the Moon Quests

Let’s join our friends Sasha in a fun filled day of challenges in FarmVille Go to the Moon Quests. We are going to do a lot of activities with our friend as we set to enjoy a
18 Nov 2016

FarmVille No Biz Like Show Biz Quests (El Carnaval CH 9)

Return of the comeback at the El Carnaval farm for another challenge in FarmVille No Biz Like Show Biz Quests, a Carnaval de los Muertos Chapter 9 Quests. This will be a 12 stage mission that will
15 Nov 2016

FarmVille Once Upon a Winter (Snowyville CH 2)

Let’s celebrate the holiday season qith Queen Pretoria, the prettiest in all the land in FarmVille Once Upon a Winter, a Snowyville Chapter 2 Quests. The Snowyville Farm is the latest farm expansion and it will open