farmville mission Archive

20 Nov 2015

FarmVille Let’s Go Skiing Quests

Sharonda is suggesting some good idea on how to have fun in the snow in FarmVille Let’s Go Skiing Quests. She is inviting us to come along with her as we revisit some good ol’ place that we use
16 Nov 2015

FarmVille Celebrating Thanksgiving Quests

Our dear friend Sasha is visiting our farm once again in FarmVille Celebrating Thanksgiving Quests. She is planning to throw a great party and she just heard that we are good in preparing one. She will ask us
11 Nov 2015

FarmVille Open Your Eyes (Phantom Valley Ch 9)

Finally we have found a way to lift the curse as Count Horatio explained in FarmVille Open Your Eyes, a Phantom Valley Chapter 9 Quests. Thabisa explained that the hint Count Horatio gave means is that we have to
8 Nov 2015

FarmVille Cool Moustachio Quests

Help Joe Macho decide which mustache design will fit him in FarmVille Cool Moustachio Quests. Our new friend is in a dilemma on picking which style will fit his most as he decides to grow a mustache for this
31 Oct 2015

FarmVille Puppet Street Quests

Help Cornish Maudlin in making his very own puppet in FarmVille Puppet Street Quests. He excited about the event where people will be making their way to a Puppet Street. We are going to help him to make one
19 Oct 2015

Phantom Valley 6: FarmVille Down for the Count

The cure for the curse is still unfound and we need to help in finding it in FarmVille Down for the Count, a Phantom Valley Chapter 6 Quests. Only Valerius can keep the curse at bay. He explains that
16 Oct 2015

FarmVille Halloween Trick or Treat Quests

Our friend Hallie is visiting us once again in for a Halloween event in FarmVille Halloween Trick or Treat Quests. This time, Hallie want us to hold a trick or treat event with a different twist. we are