farmville mission Archive

4 May 2016

FarmVille Endangered Species Day Quests

Let’s welcome our friend Sharonda this week in FarmVille Endangered Species Day Quests. She has some good news to tells us about our efforts in conserving the endangered species. She has been traveling for quite sometimes now and
2 May 2016

FarmVille Early Bird Too Early (Story of Sakura CH9)

It looks like our friend Aoiki is facing her toughest challenge in FarmVille Early Bird Too Early, a Story of Sakura Chapter 9 Quests. She is so ready in facing Masashi in a sparring match but she
29 Apr 2016

FarmVille Happy Mother’s Day Quests

Gilda is visiting us this week for the FarmVille Happy Mother’s Day Quests. Gilda explains that since she has been working overseas for quite sometime now, she hasn’t visited her mom for a long time now and she misses her
26 Apr 2016

FarmVille Jumping the Gun (Story of Sakura CH 8)

A new challenge awaits Sakura as she continues her training in FarmVille Jumping the Gun, a Story of Sakura Chapter 8 Quests. Sakura is now facing the toughest challenge of the training. Although she is confident enough
21 Apr 2016

FarmVille Tell A Story Day Quests

Sasha is coming to our farm for a fun filled week in FarmVille Tell A Story Day Quests. She decides to make a small get together where every will share there stories. It will be a great way
18 Apr 2016

FarmVille Show of Strength (Story of Sakura CH 7)

Aoki’s training continues in this week FarmVille Show of Strength, a Story of Sakura Chapter 7 Quests. Her training is going straight into a great direction as she continues to master the art of being patient. Taro
16 Apr 2016

FarmVille Earth Day Quests

Our friend Farmer Bob is visiting us this week in FarmVille Earth Day Quests. He is preparing for a presentation to showcase to kids the importance of taking care of our planet. He will teach kids and to show