farmville mission Archive

31 Aug 2015

Savannah Safari 7: FarmVille Sleight of Man

Our investigation paid off and we finally find out who the culprit is in FarmVille Sleight of Man, a Savannah Safari Chapter 7 Quests. Mbali is excited that our hard work didn’t go to waste as we
29 Aug 2015

FarmVille Labor Day Quests

Rhiannon, our new friend is visiting us for the FarmVille Labor Day Quests. She is currently working in an auto parts manufacturing plant. She has this idea for the Labor Day as she is planning to celebrate the day
26 Aug 2015

Savannah Safari 6: FarmVille Getting Dumped

We are investigating further on who is dumping the trash in FarmVille Getting Dumped, a chapter 6 of the Savanna Safari Quests. Mbali is furious as he found out there still someone who are dumping trash from
23 Aug 2015

FarmVille Dreamcatchers Trail Quests

Catch our old friends for another Farm Run Quests featuring the FarmVille Dreamcatcher’s Trail and get on the excitement of winning rewards while travelling to different farms. This version of the Farm Run Quests will run for 4 weeks
22 Aug 2015

FarmVille Bubble Bath Day Quests

It is time to lay back and relax once again with our friend Sam in FarmVille Bubble Bath Day Quests. We will help Sam with her unique ideas on how to unwind and take time and rest while having
16 Aug 2015

Savannah Safari 4: FarmVille Unleash Your Wild Side

We have just discovered the anomalies happening in the jungle in FarmVille Unleash Your Wild Side, a Savannah Safari Chapter 4 Quests. Based on the photos that was captured by our friend Stevie, there are some places that
16 Aug 2015

Savannah Safari 5: FarmVille Taking In The Trash

We need additional help, so it’s time to call our friend Stevie in FarmVille Taking In The Trash, a Savannah Safari Chapter 5 Quests. We can’t progress with our project because of our inexperience in studying the animals. We need