farmville mission Archive

3 Feb 2016

FarmVille You Think You Can Dance (Namaste India CH 4)

We will participate in the King’s annual dance competition in FarmVille You Think You Can Dance, a Namaste India Chapter 4 Quests. We will be invited by our friends Asha to join this special competition where we will
31 Jan 2016

FarmVille Celebrating Mardi Gras Quests

Help Sasha throw a party for her friends in FarmVille Celebrating Mardi Gras Quests. She is planning a fun filled day celebrating this event but she is short on help. We are going to help her by
26 Jan 2016

FarmVille New Beginning Quests 2016

Hallie is visiting us this week to celebrate in FarmVille New Beginning Quests. She is inviting us to come along to celebrate Chinese New Year. She explains that it is one of her favorite festival and have a
23 Jan 2016

FarmVille Namaste (Namaste India CH 2)

Our new farm in FarmVille will official opens this Monday with FarmVille Namaste! a Namaste India Chapter 2 Quests. The Namaste India farm is an Indian theme farm and will be opening for FREE general access which
20 Jan 2016

FarmVille Kansas Day Quests

Our friend Johnny Hoedown is visiting us once again for the FarmVille Kansas Day Quests. He is excited to tell stories about Kansas and he is inviting us to come along for a tour. We are going to
18 Jan 2016

FarmVille Welcome to India (Namaste India CH 1)

Our friend Lucky will be joining us for the opening of Namaste India farm in FarmVille Welcome to India, a Namaste India Chapter 1 Quests. The FarmVille Namaste India is the latest farm expansion to be added
11 Jan 2016

FarmVille He’s Coming to Town (Alpine Jingle CH 8)

We will continue our trip to the super factory with Santa in FarmVille He’s Coming to Town, an Alpine Jingle Chapter 8 Quests. Santa gave some pointers on how to deal with everyday things and among them