farmville mission Archive

27 May 2016

FarmVille Scarlet Sails Day Quests

It’s that time of the year once again as  we help Sasha celebrate the FarmVille Scarlet Sails Day Quests. we will help her prepare the materials that will be needed in organizing the event. We will also
26 May 2016

FarmVille Up a Notch (Story of Sakura CH 12)

Sakura is excited as her master declared that she is now ready to face her challenger in FarmVille Up a Notch, a Story of Sakura Chapter 12 Quests. The fruits of her hard training is now becoming evident
22 May 2016

FarmVille Fire Festival Quests

Help our friend Sharonda plan the best firework display in FarmVille Fire Festival Quests. She’s been planning for this event for a long time now. She is excited to share to us her idea and she would like
16 May 2016

FarmVille From the Ground Up (Story of Sakura CH 11)

Sakura is progressing well with her training in FarmVille From the Ground Up, a Story of Sakura Chapter 11 Quests. But still, there is a hurdle that she must overcome. She needs to learn the purpose of the
14 May 2016

FarmVille Flag Day Quests

Help Elizabeth prepare for their school celebration of FarmVille Flag Day. Our quest will be is to help her collect the necessary materials that will be needed for the celebration. Elizabeth says that within this event, students will
9 May 2016

FarmVille Punishing Pride (Story of Sakura CH 10)

Sakura has just learned the most important thing for learning zen in FarmVille Punishing Pride, a Story of Sakura Chapter 10 Quests. On this chapter, Sakura is about to be tested on how long can she hold her temper. She
4 May 2016

FarmVille Endangered Species Day Quests

Let’s welcome our friend Sharonda this week in FarmVille Endangered Species Day Quests. She has some good news to tells us about our efforts in conserving the endangered species. She has been traveling for quite sometimes now and