Farmville Mission Archive

27 Aug 2016

FarmVille Labour Day Quests

Our friend Sasha will visit us to celebrate the FarmVille Labour Day Quests. She’s been planning for this event for quite sometime now. She is hoping that it will be wonderful if we could her plan for
23 Aug 2016

FarmVille Training For Trials (Ode to Olympus CH 4)

It looks like we need to train as there will be a trial for us to face in FarmVille Training For Trials, an Ode to Olympus Chapter 4 Quests. We will be tested in this mission so
21 Aug 2016

FarmVille Row your Boat Quests

Help our friend Zhu build a boat for the Venetian rowing race in FarmVille Row your Boat Quests. Every year this event is held to test the skills of the would be competitor. Zhu is always looking
16 Aug 2016

FarmVille From Hades (Ode to Olympus CH 3)

It looks like Eurycleia is in need of some assistance in FarmVille From Hades, an Ode to Olympus Chapter 3 Quests. She is worried that Heromenes will also get in trouble although he meant well in facing
12 Aug 2016

FarmVille It’s Party Time Quests

Elizabeth is so excited with the upcoming event in FarmVille It’s Party Time Quests. She loves dancing and what better way to express it by dancing at a party. It is time to move as we will
10 Aug 2016

FarmVille Changing Fortunes (Ode To Olympus CH 2)

Help Eurycleia as Verstanatos is having a series of bad luck in FarmVille Changing Fortunes, an Ode to Olympus Chapter 2 Quests. There’s been a series unfortunate accident involving Verstanatos. Eurycleia is worried that is why she will
9 Aug 2016

FarmVille For The Flora (Caveman Club CH 9)

Help Tina with her plant research in FarmVille For The Flora, a Caveman Club Chapter 9 Quests. She has been doing some research with the variety of plants that grows in the region. She need our help