farmville mission Archive

30 Jul 2015

Savannah Safari 2: FarmVille A SWEET Deal

On our way to the newest farm this Monday as it will be opening for general access. The FarmVille A SWEET Deal will signal the opening of Savannah Safari farm as players will now have the free access
27 Jul 2015

FarmVille Book Lovers Quests

Our friend Erik Baine will be visiting us in FarmVille Book Lovers Quests and he will invite us to come along with him as he will spread the word about the benefits of reading books. He has this
26 Jul 2015

Savannah Safari 1: FarmVille To The Jungle We Go

A new farm expansion will be opening for early access this Monday with a theme Savannah Safari. For it’s opening stage, players who will avail the early access will have the chance to work with the FarmVille
22 Jul 2015

Treasure Tides Chapter 8: FarmVille Home Ahoy!

It looks like we can finally travel back to mainland in FarmVille Home Ahoy, a Treasure Tides Chapter 8 Quests. Our Captain has successfully fixed a Seabird and it works outstandingly great. We can now build an
19 Jul 2015

FarmVille Hip Hop Festival Quests

Join our newest rapper friend Shania H in FarmVille Hip Hop Festival Quests. She is about to perform at the festival and she will need our help to promote it and prepare the materials that will be needed. On
15 Jul 2015

Treasure Tides Chapter 7: FarmVille There’s Fish in Me Boots

We are going to learn more about the sea bird in FarmVille There’s Fish in Me Boots, a Treasure Tides Chapter 7 Quests. Capt. Cutlass Coltrain is one of the only few who know how to build a Captain
11 Jul 2015

FarmVille Captain’s Finishing School (Treasure Tide 9)

Captain Coltrain will show and teach us on how to become a captain in FarmVille Captain’s Finishing School, a Treasure Tides Chapter 9 Quests. This will be a special 30 day quests where the tasks will be harvesting and