Farmville Mission Archive

20 Jan 2017

FarmVille Busker Carnival Quests

We are going to the carnival with our friend Cornish Maudin in FarmVille Busker Carnival Quests. This us that time of the year where the carnival arrives in our town. We are going to watch some of
13 Jan 2017

FarmVille Australia Day Quests

We are celebrating with our friend Sasha in FarmVille Australia Day Quests. She reminded us for the up coming holiday and she want to celebrate it with a party. Of course the theme for the party will

10 Jan 2017

FarmVille Learn to Ski Quests

We are going to go skiing in FarmVille Learn to Ski Quests. We are going with our friend Sharonda who is excited to see us again. We are going to ski on some of the best ski
6 Jan 2017

FarmVille Stranger’s Melody (Groovy Hills CH 1)

We are visiting a 1960 midwest on FarmVille Stranger’s Melody, a Groovy Hills Chapter 1 Quests. The Groovy Hills is the newest theme for the new farm expansion that will be opened in FarmVille. We will have

30 Dec 2016

FarmVille Last Fall (Snowyville CH 9)

It’s been a fun season as Queen Pretoria surprisingly enjoyed the company of her citizens in FarmVille Last Fall, a Snowyville Chapter 9 Quests. We¬† are going to help Queen Pretoria in touring the city to thank
29 Dec 2016

FarmVille Ready n Roll Quests

We are going to help Rispoli prepare for his concert in FarmVille Ready n Roll Quests. He’s a big star now and he is preparing for his very first major concert. We are going to help him
27 Dec 2016

FarmVille One More Run (Snowyville CH 8)

We are going to celebrate the holiday with a grand party in FarmVille One More Run, a Snowyville Chapter 8 Quests. Queen Pretoria is planning to make this holiday the best ever and will make sure that