Farmville Mission Archive

25 Sep 2016

FarmVille Enter The Clown (Carnaval de los Muertos CH 1)

Join as we travel to the land of the living dead in FarmVille Enter The Clown, a Carnaval de los Muertos Chapter 1 Quests. This will be the initial mission for the new expansion that will be
24 Sep 2016

FarmVille Endless Revelry (Ode to Olympus CH 8)

We got through the challenge together and we are going to celebrate in FarmVille Endless Revelry, an Ode to Olympus Chapter 8 Quests. We are going to celebrate with our friends as Phylia spared us. As we
17 Sep 2016

Farmville Video Games Day Quests

Help Gino celebrate an event that he’s been waiting for in Farmville Video Games Day Quests. This is the day where Gino will go to a fair where it commemorates the different video game releases. Gino is
13 Sep 2016

FarmVille Heavenly Trials (Ode to Olympus CH 7)

We are approaching the final test and we are ready to face it in FarmVille Heavenly Trials, a Ode to Olympus Chapter 7 Quests. All our friends including Heromenes, Eurycleia and Philia will be joining us in
12 Sep 2016

FarmVille Pirate Day Quests

Our friend Sasha is excited with the upcoming FarmVille Pirate Day. This is one of the event that she’s been waiting for every year. And for this year, she has just lined up a plan that will
5 Sep 2016

FarmVille Earthly Trials (Ode to Olympus CH 6)

We have just succeeded in Hades that’s why there’s no stopping us in FarmVille Earthly Trials, an Ode to Olympus Chapter 6 Quests. There’s a new challenge ahead of us and we will tackle this with the
1 Sep 2016

FarmVille Galungan Quests

Sharonda will come for a visit in our farm to organize a party in FarmVille Galungan Quests. She is planning to celebrate this holiday where it commemorates the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth. We