Farmville Mission Archive

18 Oct 2016

FarmVille Dangerous Dares (Carnaval de los Muertos CH 6)

We are going to explore outside the carnaval in FarmVille Dangerous Dares, a Carnaval de los Muertos Chapter 6 Quests. We are going to find out some interesting the surrounds this unique vacation town. There’s a lot
15 Oct 2016

FarmVille Muertos Vivientes (Carnaval de los Muertos CH 5)

Angelita is here to cheer us up in FarmVille Muertos Vivientes, a Carnaval de los Muertos Chapter 5 Quests. After meeting a strange man, Angelita noticed that we don’t look so good. That is why she is

13 Oct 2016

FarmVille Trick or Treat Quests

Our good friend Hallie Osmunda will be visiting us for the FarmVille Trick or Treat Quests. Every year she has been celebrating Halloween with a party and for this year, she will be asking our help to
11 Oct 2016

FarmVille Ringmaster Tasks (Carnaval de los Muertos CH 4)

Our friend El Payaso is up to something in FarmVille Ringmaster Tasks, a Carnaval de los Muertos Chapter 4 Quests. He is doing his regular tasks when suddenly he feels that instead of doing it normally, he

7 Oct 2016

FarmVille Thimpu Tshechu Quests

Get ready to get busy with Sasha as we prepare for another event in FarmVille Thimpu Tshechu Quests. She is planning to hold an event in order to commemorate the Thimpu Tshechu Festival which is usually celebrated
4 Oct 2016

FarmVille Eternal Circus (Carnival De Los Muertos CH 3)

El Payaso will be performing and we are going to watch with Angelita in FarmVille Eternal Circus, a Carnival De Los Muertos Chapter 3 Quests. Angelita is excited because this will be El Payaso’s debut performance. We
2 Oct 2016

FarmVille New Frontiers Quests

Our friend Galena will show some few tricks or two in FarmVille New Frontiers Quests. She is planning to commemorate and honor the brave soldier of the past. We are going to see how the ships are