Farmville Mission Archive

26 Jun 2016

FarmVille Independence Day Quests

Let’s celebrate Independence Day with our friend Sasha in FarmVille Independence Day Quests. This is one of her favorite event and she has some exciting plans in celebrating it. Sasha is inviting us to come along help her
22 Jun 2016

FarmVille Camping Out (Caveman Club CH 2)

We are going to camping in FarmVille Camping Out, a Caveman Club Chapter 2 Quests. This will be the initial quests for the free access stage of this new farm. We are going to meet new characters and
21 Jun 2016

FarmVille Sunglasses Day Quests

Sharonda is visiting our farm this week for the FarmVille Sunglasses Day Quests. She is planning a whole day of fun filled activities and she is inviting us to come help her. She needs some extra help in doing
16 Jun 2016

FarmVille Caveman Clubbing (Caveman Club CH 1)

FarmVille Caveman Club is the newest farm expansion that will be opened with very first mission the FarmVille Caveman Clubbing. This Caveman Club Chapter 1 Quests will only be available for players who will be availing the
14 Jun 2016

FarmVille Home Sweet Home (Story of Sakura CH 15)

Sakura has successfully completed the challenge in FarmVille Home Sweet Home, a Story of Sakura Chapter 15 Quests. Her father is now wondering if Sakura will stay or leave and return to the United States. It is
11 Jun 2016

FarmVille Dairy Day Quests

Elizabeth is helping us  celebrate the FarmVille Dairy Day, this is a once in a year event where we cherish the dairy items. She has some plans and ideas on how to spend this event. We are
9 Jun 2016

FarmVille Victory (Story of Sakura CH 14)

Sakura’s hard training has finally paid off in FarmVille Victory, a Story of Sakura Chapter 14 Quests. She has successfully beaten Masashi in a fair battle and now she’s demanding Masashi to leave and never make trouble once