farmville mission Archive

5 Jul 2015

FarmVille Canada Day Quests

Our friend Remi Williams is getting ready to celebrate in FarmVille Canada Day Quests and he will need our help. He is planning a big celebration and he ask us if we could lend a hand in gathering the
30 Jun 2015

Treasure Tides 5: FarmVille Dropping Anchors

Our journey with Captain Cutlass Coltrain continues in FarmVille Dropping Anchors, a Treasure Tides Chapter 5 Quests. As the Capt explains, many ships have failed in search for the treasure tides still even up to now no one has returned
25 Jun 2015

FarmVille Picnics, Parades and Fireworks Quests

Let’s help Uncle Henry Sam who is preparing to celebrate Independence Day in FarmVille Picnics, Parades and Fireworks Quests. He needs additional hands in arranging a picnics and a parade and he woul like tog et as many help as
23 Jun 2015

Treasure Tides Chapter 4: FarmVille Over the Horizon

We are about to traverse a new territory in FarmVille Over the Horizon, a Treasure Tides Chapter 4 Quests. Quarter Master Galena sensing an unbalance crew who is vulnerable of triggering a mutiny so she suggested that
19 Jun 2015

FarmVille Go Skating Quest

Meet Svetlana, an international pro Ice Skater in FarmVille Go Skating Quests. She is in need of gifts for the participants of the World Skating Festival and would like us to come along and help her. In this FarmVille
14 Jun 2015

FarmVille World Music Day Quests

Peter Czinsky will hold a show and he is inviting us to come in FarmVille World Music Day Quests. Mr. Czinsky is one of the most adored conductor and we are lucky to have an invitation from
13 Jun 2015

Treasure Tide 2: FarmVille Landfall

Travel to the Treasure Tides farm for general access stage with the release of FarmVille Landfall, a Treasure Tide Chapter 2 Quests. This will be the official opening stage or free access as all FarmVille players will