Summer Vacation in FarmVille Personality Feature (Coming Soon)


Coming this June a new FarmVille Summer Vacation Personality Feature. It will be a new set of prizes and questions to asked your friends. There will be a total of 12 questions to asked and each one will have 2 reward but you can only one of the two. The one will defend on what your friends voted or the answer they choose. If a player happens to finish the feature ahead of time can repeat again the feature and win again the rewards.



Questions and Prizes:

1. Would I prefer Museums or Performing Arts?


Painter Rex                                       Ballerina Rex


2. Would I rather go to the Beach or to the Mountains?


Beach Koala                                     Grizzlyjack


3. Would I prefer a ‘Staycation’ or a ‘Cruise’ for my  vacation?

Garden Bench Cat                         Deck Chair Cat


4. Would I prefer a ‘Dude Ranch’ or go on a ‘Shopping Trip’?

Bull Rider Bull                                Shoppin’ Sheep


5. Would I prefer a ‘Picnic’ or ‘Fancy Dining’?

Picnic Chicken                                Maitre d’ Duck


6. Would I fly to the ‘Tropics’ or drive to the ‘Desert’?

Sabal Palm Tree                             Desert Bloodwood Tree


7. Would I prefer a vacation with ‘Friends’ or a vacation with ‘Family’?


3 Packs of Turbo                            Mystery Game Dart


8. Would I prefer a ‘Cycling’ tour or a ‘Hiking’ adventure?

Cyclist Cow                                      Hiker Cow


9. Would I dress ‘Fashionable’ or ‘Practical’ on my vacation?

Stylish Stallion                              Denim Donkey


10. Would I rather visit the ‘Wine Country’ or a ‘Theme Park’?

Wine Cask Tree                              Roller Coaster Tree


11. Would I prefer a ‘Safari’ or some ‘Archaeology’ on my vacation?

Safaricorn                                        Mummycorn


12. Would I come home ‘Exhausted’ or ‘Refreshed’ from my vacation?


Droopy Dragon                              Peppy Dragon


Bonus Prize:

XP Book

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