farmville may new feature 2013 Archive

25 Jun 2013

Summer Fun Personality 2013 in FarmVille

It’s time once again for a brand new FarmVille personality test featuring Summer Fun Personality 2013. This works like the previous ones but it will have new prizes. This version will be about Summer Fun and we
28 May 2013

Summer Vacation in FarmVille Personality Feature (Coming Soon)

Coming this June a new FarmVille Summer Vacation Personality Feature. It will be a new set of prizes and questions to asked your friends. There will be a total of 12 questions to asked and each one

21 May 2013

Scrapbooking Spectacular in FarmVille Escapade Feature

FarmVille is releasing the next escapade feature with new prizes to be given away. The Scrapbooking Spectacular will be the next theme of the escapade feature. Players will be gathering supplies in order to rebuild the FarmVille
20 May 2013

30 DAYS OF GOODNESS! in FarmVille 4th Birthday Celebration

Do you know how many crops were planted last year in FarmVille? or How many type of Sheep are there in FarmVille? we will learn them all as FarmVille celebrate it’s 4th Birthday. For this year it
19 May 2013

Rainbow Pond 2013 in FarmVille Feature

FarmVille is set to release a new deco building that is upgradable and can be upgraded also. That is the FarmVille Rainbow Pond and players will be helping Iris to build it. Once completed in can now
16 May 2013

Coming Soon in FarmVille! Summer Pool House

We got hold of some of the early image of this unreleased feature. The FarmVille Summer Pool House looks like will be a deco building which is upgradable. Not only it can be upgraded to several stages but it
14 May 2013

Prom Fashion 2013 in FarmVille Feature

FarmVille Prom Fashion 2013 Personality test is coming our way and we have now gathered the information on the set of questions to be asked and prizes to be given away. The Prom Fashion 2013 will work