Alpine Jingle Archive

6 Dec 2015

FarmVille Alpine Jingle’s Eckharts Lodge

FarmVille Eckharts Lodge is on of the major buildings in Alpine Jingle. On this building, you can win an exclusive Unwither Ring for the farm of Alpine Jingle if you successfully completed the requirements. The main objective
5 Dec 2015

FarmVille Eckhart’s Stable Guide and Walkthrough

FarmVille Eckhart’s Stable is one of the main crafting buildings in the Alpine Jingle farm. Inside the Echart’s Stable, you can find two stations, the resource stations and the production stations. Players will be using this building to

3 Dec 2015

FarmVille Alpine Jingle Wintertide Castle

FarmVille Alpine Jingle Wintertide Castle is one of the main buildable building and exclusive to the Alpine Jingle farm. This building will be built using the parts that can only be obtain by asking it from your friends.
1 Dec 2015

FarmVille Babe in the Woods (Alpine Jingle CH 2)

After we met Elsa, we are going to meet Gunter in FarmVille Babe in the Woods, an Alpine Jingle Chapter 2 Quests. This will be the official opening quest for the FREE ACCESS stage of the Alpine
30 Nov 2015

FarmVille Alpine Jingle Crops List

FarmVille Alpine Jingle is one of the farm extension in FarmVille and this guide will show you the different type of crops that you can plant and harvest in this farm. Alpine Jingle is designed under a theme of
29 Nov 2015

FarmVille Once Upon a Mountain (Alpine Jingle CH 1)

FarmVille and Zynga is opening a new farm expansion with a new quests FarmVille Once Upon a Mountain, an Alpine Jingle Chapter 1 Quests. The Alpine Jingle farm will be the newest addition to our growing collection
29 Nov 2015

FarmVille Eckhart Mill Recipe Guide

FarmVille Eckhart Mill is one of the crafting building that you will find at the Alpine Jingle farm. Here on this building is where most of the crafting tasks will be done if you are going to