FarmVille Winter Around the World Countdown Feature


A winter edition of FarmVille Around the World is coming our way soon. Winter Countdown feature where players ask and collect the item of the day to win the daily prize. Each day there will be different prizes to be won. There will be 16 days to complete and win all the prizes plus at the end there will be a bonus prize.




Here are some of the prizes that can be won in FarmVille Around the World:


Bear Matzo, Dashiki Cat, Kitty Clause



Winter Kitty, Long John Chicken, Cider Cypress Tree



Christmas Spaniel, Snowball Duck, Winter Gharcod Tree



Yeti Gnome, Kagu Kringle, Hanukkah Moose



North Pole Sign, Puffy Penguin, Holiday Ham


Sleighride Sheep



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