Spring Babies 2014 in FarmVille Countdown


FarmVille has just released a new Countdown featuring Spring Babies 2014. Find all the stamps for your Spring Babies in time and if you finished it early you’ll have the chance to repeat again. All you have to do is ask your friends for 16 days of items to redeem great prizes. Plus there will be a bonus reward if you finish it all.

 FarmVille Spring Babies

Day 1

gapfiller  Playful Spring Kitten
Playful Spring Kitten


Day 2

gapfiller Pastel Cherry Blossom Tree
Pastel Cherry Blossom Tree


Day 3

gapfiller Nanny Stork
Nanny Stork


Day 4

gapfiller Tulip Chicken
Tulip Chicken


Day 5

gapfiller Spring Garden Gnomette
Spring Garden Gnomette


Day 6

gapfiller Pastel Puppy
Pastel Puppy


Day 7

gapfiller Pastel Horse
Pastel Horse


Day 8

gapfiller Spring Willow Tree
Spring Willow Tree 


Day 9

gapfiller Spring Butterfly Bunny
Spring Butterfly Bunny


Day 10

gapfiller Flower Petal Fountain
Flower Petal Fountain


Day 11

gapfiller Bursting Butterfly Tree
Bursting Butterfly Tree


Day 12

gapfiller Fragrant Skunk
Fragrant Skunk


Day 13

gapfiller Spring Baby Bear
Spring Baby Bear


Day 14

gapfiller Fresh Daisy Giraffe
Fresh Daisy Giraffe


Day 15

gapfiller Robin Pegacorn
Robin Pegacorn


Day 16

gapfiller Spring Fallow Dream Deer
Spring Fallow Dream Deer




Daisy Flower Pegacorn

Daisy Flower Pegacorn


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