Romeo and Juliet Balcony in FarmVille


Help build the Farmville Romeo and Juliet’s Balcony in this new feature escapade. This will feature one of the most loved love story and will give unique rewards that fits to the themes story. To win, players will just perform the daily task of collecting items or asking friends for help. The required number of items that will be ask will vary. Everyday also there will be new rewards to aim for.



Romeo and Juliet Stages:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4


Rewards and Prizes for FarmVille Romeo and Juliet Balcony:

Romeo and Juliet Fountain

Turbo Charger

Nurse Bunny

Muffin Hat Tree


Mercutio Falcon

Capulet House

Rapier Tree

Tybalt Puma

Mystery Dart

Montague Manor

White Lily Unicorn

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