FarmVille Quest Manager 3rd Release


The third set of the untimed FarmVille Quests was just release in FarmVille My Quest Manager. A total of seven new previous quest was added. Among them are A Fairy Spring Gathering, Kelly the Spring Flower, Spring Fun with Kimberly, Luck of the Irish and Magic, Puppy Love Quest, The Farm Mayfair and The Rise, Fall and Career. We posted the a quick view of the rewards that the mentioned quest will give so that it may give you an idea of which one to do. To view the guide just click on the image or the title of the quest:

FarmVille A Fairy Spring Gathering Quests

  • Rewards (in order): Spring Fairy Cat, Farm Hand, Enchanted Fairy House, Purple Fairy Mini Horse, Turbo Charger, Enchanted Irish Tree, Waterfall Fairy, Mystery Game Dart, Pink Fairy Unicorn.


FarmVille Kelly the Spring Flower Quests

  • Rewards (in order): Scarlet Pigonia, Bovonia Cow, Mystery Game Dart, Fairy Dust Fountain, Ducklia Duck, Unwither, Flame Sheep, XP Book, Lily Tiger, Daisy Dragon, Turbo Charger, Zinnia Penguin.


FarmVille Spring Fun with Kimberly Quests

  • Rewards (in order): Strawberry Fairy Chicken, Butterfly Fairy Gnome, Mystery Game Dart, Egg Hunt Goat, Firefly Lamp Post, Turbo Chargers, Ice Cream Man Gnome, Farm Hands, Berry Fountain.


FarmVille Luck of the Irish and Magic Quests

  • Rewards (in order): Leprechaun Pig, Turbo Charger, Unwither, Calf in Half, Levitating Chicken, Turbo Charger, Magician Gnome, Disappearing Sheep, Crystal Ball Tree.


FarmVille Puppy Love Quest

  • Rewards (in order): Turbo Charger, Dog Treat Tree, Irish Setter Dog, English Mastiff Dog, Mystery Game Dart, English Cocker Spaniel Dog, Chocolate Lab, Picnic Dog Park, Golden Retriever Toy.


FarmVille The Farm Mayfair Quests

  • Rewards (in order): Minstrel Duck, Unwither, Maypole, Dragon Squirrel, Turbo Charger, May Ribbon Tree, Cow Jester, Mystery Dart, May Fair Horse.


FarmVille The Rise, Fall and Career Quests

  • Rewards (on order): Swooning Pig, Truffles Limo, Turbo Charger, Elephant Bodyguard, Entourage Turtle, XP Book, Headphone Orangutan, Farm Hands, Truffles.

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