Farmville: Welcome To Winter Wonderland Quest 5-9


Farmville: Welcome to Winter Wonderland Quest


Farmville Winter Wonderland Quest V: Go North, Young Elf!

– “It’s going to be fine. We just need a few more things to keep the North Pole from sliding down to Bermuda.”


1. “These seems kind of important. We better put them back on.”

Get 6 Crystal Whatzits

2. “You better keep farming so the Conductor doesn’t catch on!”

Harvest 45 Candied Yams

3. “That Frosty Mini Horse is full of adorableness! Elves love Frosty Mini Horses best!”

Harvest 1 Frosty Mini Horse

Rewards: 1 Snow Flake Tree, 500 xp, 5000 farmville coins


Farmville Winter Wonderland Quest VI: Gearing Up

– “We elves appreciate your help, and we never forget when someone – hey look polar here!”


1. “The old gears are made of wood. At least they tasted like wood.”

Get 7 Wooden Gears

2. “How about some Candied Apples… that aren’t made of wood?”

Make 2 Candied Apples

3. “You can pick a snow flake right off the tree! Yum!”

Harvest 1 Snowflake Tree

Rewards: 1 Snowball Catapult, 400 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Farmville Winter Wonderland Quest VII: Spin Cycle

-“The North-o-Matic never did this when we played with it before! Except that one time. Or maybe every time.”


1. “It spins. It whirls. It its.”

Get 7 Spinning Whirl-Its

2. “Gingerbread fields are good cover for clandestine repair work.”

Harvest 45 Gingerbread

3. “We salute His Highness the Penguin! You might someday master this Emperor!”

Harvest 1 Le Emperor Penguin

Rewards: 1 Arctic Peacock, 500 xp, 5000 farmville coins


Farmville Winter Wonderland Quest VIII: A Flung Flinger

-“Okay, but watch out for flung flanges. They can really hurt!”


1. “Only defective flange flingers would fling flangers like those flung flangers.”

Get 8 Flange Flingers

2. “I’m not sure how Ginger Smores are necessary for this repair. But they are.”

Make 3 Ginger Smores

3. “Grab a feather to poke the thing. Not that thing! The other thing!”

Harvest 1 Arctic Peacock

Rewards: 1 Snow Gopher, 500 xp, 5000 farmville coins


Farmville Winter Wonderland Quest IX: Wrap It Up

-“If we survive, the North-o-Matic might turn into snow toads. But don’t worry, there’s very little chance of that!


1. “It says, Protective eyewear required before activation. Rules are rules!”

Get 9  North-Polarized Goggles

2. “When danger is at hand, let’s get present first.”

Harvest Polar Train Station

3. “Candied Yams offer no protection at all. Better get some¬† of those too.”

Harvest 45 Candied Yams

Rewards: 1 Frigimetric Encabulator, 500 xp, 5000 farmville coins

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