Farmville Winter Quest Archive

20 Nov 2015

FarmVille Let’s Go Skiing Quests

Sharonda is suggesting some good idea on how to have fun in the snow in FarmVille Let’s Go Skiing Quests. She is inviting us to come along with her as we revisit some good ol’ place that we use
31 Dec 2013

FarmVille Snow Day Fun Quests

It’s the right time to have a FarmVille Snow Day Fun Quests with our cute winter girl friend. We will explore ways on how to enjoy winter on where else in our farm of course. We will

18 Dec 2013

FarmVille Holiday Lights 8: Here Comes Santa Claus

Santa is visiting the Hollybright in FarmVille Here Comes Santa Claus, a FarmVille Holiday Lights Chapter 8 Quests. He is very pleased on the accommodation and how the people of Hollybright Park took care of Zang. So he
17 Dec 2013

FarmVille Holiday Deliveries Quests

Postman Gordon is here for a visit in FarmVille Holiday Deliveries Quests. You might remember him from Winter Wonderland. This time he will need our help with his delivery because as we know holiday seasons is one
9 Dec 2013

FarmVille Snowball Fight Quests

Barbra needs our help in FarmVille Snowball Fight Quests. She is looking to get back at Gino because last year she was derailed by Gino in snow ball fight. This year she has a plan on how
3 Dec 2013

FarmVille Winter is Coming Quests

Nix will arrived in FarmVille Winter is Coming Quests to bring the white winter. But she is sad because she need to part with Lucas. Let’s accompany her on this quests and make her enjoy and forget
25 Dec 2012

FarmVille Quests: Help Snowman Stay Cool

Find a solution to Snowman’s dilemma in FarmVille help Snowman Stay Cool, on this Thursday FarmVille Quests. He is eager to travel and go the distance and see the world. But his constitution worries him. It makes