Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 01/14/2013


Here is a list of some of the items you may expect from the Market and also can be be won in FarmVille Games such as Mystery Games and Raffle Draw Booth. The Limited Edition items will be available for purchase form 01/14 to 01/28.

Limited Edition Items

Mystery Games Prizes

Raffle Booth Draw Prizes


Limited Edition Items Release 01/14/2013 to 01/28/2013:

FarmVille Ice Capades Limited Edition Items:




Ice Skating Duck II                      Leotard Lion


Ice Skating Turtle                        Snowflake Pegacorn


Ice Capades Mini Horse             Ice Capades Unicorn

Ice Princess Pegacorn




Ice Skates Tree                   Pom Poms Tree


Sequins Tree                       Vintage Skate Tree


Feather Fan Tree              Ice Skating Dress Tree


Buildings and Decorations:


Skating Ducks                    Ice Wing Fence


Penguin Gnome               Ice Gazebo

Mystery Game Prizes for these Week —->

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