Caring Tree 2013 in FarmVille Feature


The FarmVille Caring Tree feature is an effort that will raise funds and donate a big share of it to Word Food Programme (WFP). It features some rare limited edition items as players will build the Caring Tree into it’s full upgrade. Here are what FarmVille Caring Tree feature is about:

Zynga will donate its entire share (70% of the in-game purchase price) of the [NAME OF THE TREE] and $0.25 per Caring Tree level-up to World Food Programme (WFP). Players purchases are not tax-deductible. WFP does not endorse any product or service. Campaign runs from XX to XX. Dates may change.



FarmVille Caring Tree Stages:




Prizes for the Caring Tree:

Pineapple Upside Down Tree


Brussel Sprout Tree


Mixed Green Salad Tree


Rambutan Tree


Pink Cucumber Magnolia Tree




Watermelon Zebra


Purple Corn Cow


Blueberry Bear


Peach Panda


Cabbage Cat


Strawberry Milk Cow


Pegacorn Of Plenty


World Food Program Stallion


Puppy Wagon

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