FarmVille Back to School With Hiro Feature


Win some cool rewards in FarmVille Back to School with Hiro feature. It is a new feature where it may remind you of the previous one like the Eagle Sam or Hungry Santa. But the Back to School with Hiro will have a new twist. There will be 2 items that maybe collected and it will have different equivalent or value. We have here some of the pre release image and information that may give you an idea on what to prepare once this feature started rolling out.

Back to School with Hiro

Back To School with Hiro



Back to School with Hiro


Back To School with Hiro


What we need to do is to collect Stationery Kits and give it to Hiro so that we can help him go back to school and also helping the There are several ways to collect this and one way is to craft it at the Craftshop. We will need the following materials to craft a Stationery Kits:


Stationery KitsequalsSugar CaneMorning Glory BushelCrayon Blossom Bushel

Stationery Kits = Sugar Cane Bushel x5, Morning Glory Bushel x4 and Crayon Blossom Bushel x8


Crayon Blossom

Crayon Blossom is a new crop where it can be harvested after 12 hours


Meanwhile, the Stationery Pieces is the one that we can obtain from asking our friends or helping them by clicking on their feeds (limit of 5 per post).

Stationery Pieces

Stationery Pieces


The difference between the two Stationery Items is, Stationery Kit (the crafted one) is equal to 3 points or presents while the Stationery Pieces is equal to 1 point or 1 present.


Back to School Presents

A total of 50 presents can be collected and will be opened on Sept. 19, 2014.

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