Flea Market Guide


For some time now, FarmVille has been slowly rolling out this feature. Some players already receive or been visited by Claire (Flea Market NPC) while most of the players don’t have or haven’t receive this new feature the Flea Market yet. We don’t know yet why but maybe the reason for the slow roll out is they’re really want to make sure this works smoothly considering it deals with FV cash. This is one cool feature especially if you have double decorations or items received from quest in your farm or you want to make room you can now exchange it for FV cash. Players can’t just pick which items to sell, Claire will randomly pick and appraise which items she is interested in buying and she will present a list of items she want’s to buy. Then it’s up to you on which items among the list she presented you’re willing to sell. She will only buy one item per visit. You may also travel to your other farms in case you are not interested on selling the items that she picked. Or you can just reload the game.

Usually during her visit, a pop up message will inform you that Claire is around and she is looking for new items to buy. She will then tell you that there are few exciting items in your farm that she is interested in buying.

Claire will also inform you on some few rules about the Flea Market. She will tell that:

  • I will only buy one item every 3 days.
  • I will look for different items on different farms, if you don’t like what I am offering to pay, try traveling to a different farm or reloading your current farm.
  • When you sell to me, the item will be taken off your farm (or taken out of storage), and you will gain the currency I am offering to pay.

If during one of her visit or you traveled to a different farm, you can just click her icon in the “Neighbors Bar”.

Note: This is on a slow roll out. Many don’t have this feature yet (including me :(). We just have to wait to be visited by this new Flea Market NPC Claire.

Thanks to Meilyn.

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