new features may 2012 Archive

21 May 2012

Flea Market Guide

For some time now, FarmVille has been slowly rolling out this feature. Some players already receive or been visited by Claire (Flea Market NPC) while most of the players don’t have or haven’t receive this new feature
20 May 2012

Fishing Hole Guide

FarmVille recently release The new Fishing Hole feature decoration building. The Fishing Hole can be harvested for Special Delivery Boxes. The more upgrade made on this building, the more number of Special Delivery Boxes it will give.

16 May 2012

Wildlife Adventure Countdown Reward Guide

FarmVille just recently release the new version of Countdown Reward event. This time it has a Wildlife Adventure theme. It is the same as the previous feature where players need to collect items and when they meet
9 May 2012

Beach Resort Guide

FarmVille has just recently released the Beach Resort Building. Players now can collect materials to build this coconut producing building. Players can build 1 of this building for each farm location they have. It can be upgraded
2 May 2012

Perfect Pet Guide

Once again FarmVille releases a new bonus feature where players will ask their friends to choose on two options and cast their vote on which phrase fits the player. Which ever options has the highest vote players