Perfect Pet Guide


Once again FarmVille releases a new bonus feature where players will ask their friends to choose on two options and cast their vote on which phrase fits the player. Which ever options has the highest vote players will get the corresponding reward. This a good bonus feature considering you don’t have to do anything special, just ask friends for a vote and the number of votes needed is not that high so it will not be that difficult to finish this.

Depending on the pattern of the vote that you’ve won and get, here are the costume that you may get:





After placing the Perfect Pet, you can now click the Ask for Vote button:


Here are the rewards that you may get:

American Bobtail, Candle Tree, Suburban Cottage, Artist Gnome, Marathon Turtle, Farmer Horse


American Bulldog, Pink Diamond Tree, Neon Building, Jock Gnome, Marathon Hare, Fancy Horse


As you progress, the Perfect Pet Building will also be upgraded automatically and will be more visually impressive:




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