Herb Garden Guide


FarmVille Herb Garden is here and on a slow roll out. Players can now harvest this garden for packets of seeds, herb seeds that is. The more upgrades a player made to the Herb Garden the more herb seeds it can produce. At start it will give 20 seeds per harvest. The seeds that the player can get will depend on which herb is currently unlocked.


And once a particular herb was mastered by the player it will now become available to buy in the Market anytime. Currently there are a total of 12 herbs to master.



Herb Garden Info:

  • Harvest your Herb Garden to collect seeds: The number of seeds granted by harvesting the Herb Garden can be increased by collecting Clay Pots, Special Soil, and Peat Pellets to expand it.
  • Plant your new Herbs on your farm: Herbs can be fertilized and harvested just like any other Crop. Herbs can also wither like any other Crop.
  • Earn Mastery stars to unlock new Herbs: When you harvest an Herb enough times to gain 3 stars of Mastery, a new Herb will become available. The mastered Herb will then become available for purchase in the Market.
  • Expand to master faster: Expanding your Seed Stall is the best way to unlock new herbs more quickly.





Herb Garden (List of Herbs and the order of being unlocked):


Thai Basil










French Tarragon









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