Tree Mastery Billboard Guide


FarmVille recently released the third part of the Mastery Billboard building, The Tree Mastery. FarmVille farmers can now store their Tree Mastery signs and keep them in check in a organize. The Tree Mastery Billboard just like the previous billboard mastery building will require three parts and can be upgraded. The more upgrades you made the more tree mastery signs you can store.


How to build:

First you will need the raw unfinished building. Unlike the previous two mastery signs billboard (the Animal Mastery and the Crop Mastery), this one didn’t pop up or no pop up notification informing you about the new feature. Just check your gift box for the unfinished Tree Mastery building. If don’t have it in your gift box, click the Market and then Storage you can purchase it for Zero coins.

Tree Mastery Billboard Guide

Now you have the unfinished Tree Mastery building, click use and place it a nice spot perhaps side by side with your other mastery billboard or near your Orchard. Anyway you’ll see a green outline if the space is free to place the billboard.


Tree Mastery Billboard

After placing the Tree Mastery Billboard sign, click on it and you’ll have five options:

  • Look Inside – View your progress
  • Ask for Parts – Ask Materials to your Friends from the Free Gifts Tab
  • Complete Now – Buy all Materials required to finish the current build
  • Move – Rearrange your Tree Mastery Billboard on your farm
  • Sell – Option to sell your Tree Mastery Billboard



You’ll need the following three materials for the early stage of the Tree Mastery Billboard.


You will need Scaffolding, Wood Stain and Masking Tape.



  • Click ‘Move’ to drag your mastery signs that are currently on your farm to the Tree Mastery Billboard.
  • Click ‘Use’ on your mastery signs that are in your Gift Box and drag them to the Tree Mastery Billboard.
  • Cursor over any Tree Mastery and click on ‘Remove’ if you want to place your signs outside of the Billboard. You will be able to put them back in the Billboard if you still have the capacity.

This Billboard is only for Tree Mastery Signs. This does not store Mastery signs from Crops and Animals.


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