FarmVille Horse Hall Coming Soon!


Soon to arrive a new FarmVille Horse Hall. It’s a new breeding building just like the previous releases the Unicorn Island, Dino Lab, Bonsai Garden etc. but this time it will create new horse. At first players will be building the building by asking and collecting parts from friends. Once completed a starter part is given to create the first horse. Then once the created horse was placed in the Horse Hall they can now harvest it for parts. There are five different colors of parts, horse shoe parts. Here are some of the early image and info that we collected:



Parts for the Horse Hall:

Fancy Hay, High Tech Saltlick and Pretty Saddle


As we can see a player will be needing parts to create a horse at the Horse Hall. There are a total of 5 different parts to use in creating horse and it will depend on how many and which parts will be needed on which horse a player will gonna make. Just like with the same breeding system as Unicorn Island, Dino Lab etc. players will start with a task of creating a horse with minimal part requirement. And then as the players progress and unlocks more horses to create the parts will be more in terms of quantity and type. There will be 5 colors to collect and used in creating a horse.

Gold Horse Shoe, Blue Horse Shoe, Silver Horse Shoe, Red Horse and Black Horse Shoe

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